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The Adventurous Answer To Your ‘ I Need A Break’

“I really want some adventure in my life”

The most commonly heard statement from not only a millennial, but by almost everyone. Today, while running the race of monotony, the mind and soul ask for a change that is lively. So when you say or hear someone say “I need some change even if it’s for a few days”, list down the places below so that the statement turns into a reality of priceless moments.

Paragliding in Bir Billing

bir billing paragliding

What is better than flying away in the sky, and while you land, you leave the stress in the air? Paragliding is one such experience which lets you live in the moment and forget about the rest. And when this experience is blessed with the best view, it is an experience you will cherish forever. Dwelled in the Kangra Valley, Bir Billing is one such hotspot for the activity. Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh is mainly popular for Bir Billing Paragliding itself as also hosted the first-ever Paragliding world cup. It is the stunning mountain backdrop that Bir Billing Paragliding offers. While you are set to take off into the Himalayan sky, you tend to forget every negative aspect and just focus on the jaw-dropping view. Not only that, but you also, find yourself camping in Bir Billing and explore the beauty of Dharamshala and Manali.

Rafting in Rishikesh

River rafting

Moving along with the waves of River and soaking in the serenity of Nature is blissful. And especially when you get to do this with a view of majestic mountains in the background. Rafting in Rishikesh is popular and for fair reasons. After all, witnessing the beauty of the Himalayas and hearing the soothing music of the River Ganga’s waves is all you need to calm your soul and mind. The best part is that it is the peak season for rafting in Rishikesh, so you can make the most of it. Rafting in Rishikesh cost your valuable time, but then it returns you with a peaceful mindset that will help you perform better. So all you have to do is pick the date and book the suitable package from our various River Rafting in Rishikesh packages (you will find it on our site) and surrender yourself to nature.

6 Adventure Things You Need To Do In 2019

Chopta Tungnath Trek

chopta chandrashila trek cost

If you can spare a week for yourself, Chopta Tungnath Trek makes you witness the unbelievable and queer beauty of the Himalayas. It is one of

the must yet seldom known trek of the Garhwal Himalaya trek. The Chopta trek has something for everyone, be a nature lover, adventurous soul or a birds admirer. As the Chopta Tungnath Trek cost you with enchanting mountain landscapes, rich paradise of forest trails and sight to some unique birds. The highlight of this trek is that it is not restricted to time as it can be done throughout the year, but if you seek to witness the best version of it, March to April is the peak season for Chopta Tungnath Trek as the forest is blooming in the most magical way. This Chopta Chandrashila trek cost 9400 INR which includes destination like Chopta, Deoria Tal, Tungnath, Chandrashila and charges of accommodation in hotel and camping, meals (during trek), trekking equipment, trekking expertise, and the transport from Delhi to Okhimat and return from Chopta to Delhi.

Kuari Pass Trek

kuari pass trek cost

Yet another 7-day trek, because it takes time to cover some magical destinations and views. If you are frequent to our site, you must have seen a couple of articles based on Kuari Pass Trek, one of the popular Garhwal trek. The reason why this trek is highly recommended is that it serves you the best of Himalayas as it resides In the lap of the mighty Himalayas. The Kuari Pass Trek cost 11025 INR each person for 6 days. The trek covers the admiring landscape and culture of and from Haridwar, Joshimath, Gulling Top, Tali Forest Camp, Kuari Pass and Khullara top.

Ranthambore National Park Safari

ranthambore national park safari

If animals make your heart glee, Ranthambore National Park Safari is the go-to place. Most of us have heard about this place, but fewer of us have given a thought to experience the safari. Being one of the biggest National Park of Northeast India, it is the land of 1,334 sq km for the wildlife. The national park homes to famous tigers. It is a treat to watch the wildlife animals free, in their natural habitat instead of being in the cage.

Bike Trip to Leh LadakhLeh Ladakh Bike Trip Cost

If your eyes automatically shine brightly as you hear the word  ‘road trip’, a bike trip to Leh Ladakh is a voyage you should add to your bucket list. The best part of this trip is that it can be done as per your convenience, be it a solo trip where you want to explore a new destination and a new version of yourself or a memorable trip with your gang. The Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Cost 26775 INR which includes costs of expert charges, accommodation, food, mechanics assistance and the train ticket from Jammu to Delhi. The journey is filled with the enchanting mountains of Manali/ Srinagar (whichever route you pick) and the heavenly view of the Leh and Ladakh.

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