Chadar Trek Ladakh

The Chadar Trek – The Most Thrilling And Adventurous Trek

Ladakh is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in India and many travellers like to visit this place once in their lifetime owing to its natural beauty that is spurring and mesmerising. One such site in this place is The Chadar Trek. The Chadar travel is a winter trail travel in Zanskar region of Ladakh, in Jammu and Kashmir. In the local language, Chadar means blanket. The Chadar Trek is done on the frozen Zanskar River which provides an access pathway to the Zanskar Region and is used by locals and tourists during winter. During the summer this river becomes a perfect location for river rafting expedition and during the winter it converts into an ice piece where the Chadar travel is conducted. For many years Chadar trek draws vacationer from all over the world and it is one of the most enjoyable and challenging treks. The trek is roughly 105 km on feet; a regular trekker finishes a range of 15-17 km every day. Every year many of the people come and experience most difficult and the most amazing Chadar trek.

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Chadar Frozen River Trek

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Fly into Leh

The first step in making it to the Chadar Trek is reaching Leh. Leh, which can be found at an elevation of more than 3500 meters above sea level, is the second biggest region in the country. During winters, as most passes leading to Leh are closed, you will be travelled to the Leh airport. As soon you land at the airport, take a cab and continue towards the pre-arranged resort.

Day 2 :  – Generate to Tilad Do via Chilling.

In the morning we leave by private vehicles with our staff to begin this unique and most enjoyable winter trek. Soon after leaving Leh, we reach Nimoo, the confluence of Zanskar and Indus rivers. The vision is awesome as the ice cold up and frozen Zanskar meets the fast flowing Indus. We reach now to the point, after the town of Chilling to where the road head ends. Touching the Chadar first time, we begin the travel for 1-2 hrs along the spectacular frozen river.

The Chadar Trek

Day 3 : – Tilad Do to Shingra Koma

Get up in the morning and get ready to move into a range of 12 km above the frozen river to reach Gyalpo. The width of ice on the river is varying, so it would be best for you to follow things said by the guide. To reach the campsite in Gyalpo, we will have to travel previous Shingra Koma, a huge trekking ground. Stay overnight at the campsite.

Day 4 : – Shingra Koma to Tibb Cave

After tea and breakfast in the morning, start your trip for the day to Dib Cave. During the day, you will look at the spectacular attractiveness of the area such as ravines and gorges. This is the place where you will stop for the night and rest.


Day 5 : – Tibb cave to Naerak trekking

Today, you will travel the most picturesque part of the area and get an opportunity to observe the biggest frozen waterfall and prayer flags. The link built next to the site of the fountain is used in the summertime to reach Zanskar from Leh. Thereafter, you can continue towards the town of Naerak to associate with the residents and understand their way of living.

Day 6 : – Naerak to Tibb Cave

On this particular day, begin your return trip and continue towards Tibb. The return pathway would not be easy and the river quickly responds to any change in the temperature. Now the frozen river might have taken an entirely new form. On the way back, appreciate the attractiveness with the area, just click images and meet residents, who can be seen dressed in conventional wool Gonchas (robes).

Chadar Trek Ladakh

Day 7 : – Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma

In the morning hours, get ready to leave Tibb and continue towards Shingra Koma, traversing Gyalpo. The path nowadays will give a chance to witness high mountains and pug-marks of wildlife like snowfall leopards, ibex and foxes. If fortunate, you just might spot a leopard; even if you do not, then at least be sure, you would be viewed by them.

Day 8 : – Shingra Koma to Tilad Do and drive to Leh

Today, it finally would be the last day of your trekking trip on the Chadar. As you go towards Chilling from Shingra Koma, just click some pictures as remembrances. Finally, on reaching Tilad Do, it would the perfect to bid farewell to the locals of Zanskar. On reaching Chilling, drive to Leh.

Chadar Trek Leh

Day 9 : – Return from Leh

As this memorable trip gets over, you allow from Leh having a new found regard for the Zanskaries who fearless all possibilities and endure with style in their dearest area. This travel also simply results in a remarkable feeling of success – one of having conducted and sustained an outstanding and complicated travel.

This trek can be one of the most memorable ones in your life. With less to spend in the travel, you get to experience that is serene and precious. People usually like going to cities and beaches for travel during vacations. Such scenic beauties are ignored. Once you visit Chadar Trek, you will fall in love with the beauty of Nature and you will always want to visit such places that are gifts of Nature.

Chadar Trek Ladakh

You can either visit this trek with your family or friends. Be any companion, you will love the feel that abounds you in this region. You will be free from all the worries and stress and give you better goals in life. If you haven’t planned your upcoming holiday yet, it is time you do it and make the most of this holiday by reaching the heights of Chadar Trek and have an awesome experience that you have never experienced before. It will be worth the money you spend and worth the trip you make.

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