Millionaire’s Abodes: Top Luxury Hotels Of India

Cities might be famous for all kinds of things but there are these luxury hotels in metropolitan cities on which the spotlight is always focused. And there is no shortage of hotels with excellent luxurious facilities and hospitality in India. Because of growing number of tourists each year, the luxury hotels have been increasing their […]

19 Golden oriole

Top 10 Places in India For Bird Watching

1. CORBETT NATIONAL PARK, UTTARAKHAND: The Corbett National Park is the oldest and the largest in Asia. It sits between at the junction of two distinct hill regions. The park has a vast area and its beauty exceeds its boundaries. The vegetation is rich and wildlife is being conserved here, since its inception. The Bengal […]

1 Christmas-in-Goa

Top 10 Places For Christmas Celebrations In India

1. GOA Source- http://bit.ly/1uMtfmF Goa is a potpourri of beaches, food and celebration. Christmas is celebrated grandly in Goa for most of its population is Catholic. It is no hyperbolism if we call Goa “The celebrations’ capital of the country”. The celebrations include midnight masses and carols’ singing all night long. The churches are all […]


Top 10 Places To Visit In January

Here’s a list of places to visit in January for people trying to welcome the year with a blast. 1. LADAKH-LEH: Leh is the capital city of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh. It was a main stopover spot for the traders during the Indus valley civilization. The city’s main attraction is the Leh palace, a […]

18.1 guwahati

Most Scenic Train Journeys Of India

  Train journeys are a unique experience and bring back fun memories from childhood.  With its vast and varied terrain, India offers some of the best, beautiful and unforgettable train journeys that you’d ever take.  Lets have a look at some of the most exotic and surreal train journeys through India. 1. THE PAMBAN BRIDGE: […]

8. Havelock Beach

Top 10 Places To Visit In December

While northern india is covered with snow and chilly winds and southern part acquires a mystic charm, the Indian peninsula enters one of the best seasons to embark on an adventure. Here are 10 places to make the best use of your year end holidays and take the journey of a lifetime. 1. SHILLONG Source- […]


Must See Temples Of South India

No matter what a man is or where he is standing, he must never forget the reason for his existence- his mother, father and God. Worshiping God purifies the soul of man and takes him closer to God. The southern part of India, well known for its cuisine and culture, is also reputed for its […]


20 Most Haunted Places in India

Ever thought of hanging out with your buddies in a place with paranormal activity? They are said to be haunted by the visitors who witnessed some really sinistrous and ghostly presence in the places. While wondering whether or not this is real, check out the reasons why they refer to those places as “haunted” and […]