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Enjoy A Fun Filled And Soothing Vacation At These Top 5 Goa Beaches

The small and picturesque state of Goa, located in the Konkan region, on the western coastline of India, is often referred to as the Tourist Paradise. The state is known for its rich culture and the fun loving and welcoming attitude of its people, in addition to its mesmerizing natural beauty. Goa boasts of having some of the most magnificent beaches across the country, which attracts countless tourists from all parts of India and the globe to the state. Described below are the top 5 beaches in Goa which must be visited by every visitor to the state for a truly enjoyable and relaxing holiday experience in the state.

Bumpy Rides in Anjuna Beach

  1. Anjuna Beach

Located in the northern region of Goa, Anjuna beach is the name given to the coastline located to the west of the Anjuna village. The soft white sands and the grand coconut palms swaying to the soft gusts of winds coming in from the Arabian Sea, create a perfect environment for a refreshing and relaxing holiday.  The visitors can enjoy a wide range of water sports in Anjuna beach or simply take a plunge into the deep waters of the Arabian Sea. They can also enjoy the adventure activity of parasailing or simply bask in glittering rays of the sun. The beach also has various hotels and home stay options to ensure a comfortable accommodation for the visitors.

The beach is also referred to as the Freak Capital of the World, thanks to the famous trance parties that are hosted along the beach for ages. The beach is a happening place for people who love the hippie culture and sees a footfall of countless backpackers and tourists all year round. There are several restaurants, amphitheaters, dance clubs and bars dotting the entire beach that offer ample entertainment to the visitors who come here looking for a party and to enjoy the happy life in Goa.

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Parasailing in Anjuna Beach

In addition to partying and relaxing people visiting the Anjuna Beach can also enjoy shopping here. The beach is famous for its weekly flea market, which is organized every Wednesday and offers a wide range of products including clothes, jewelry, electronic items and even fruits and vegetables. Visitors can also choose to explore the back lanes of the villages as well as the southern areas of the beach area that are sure to leave them mesmerized. However, it is advisable to avoid walking alone particularly at night or blindly trust people whom the visitors might have known only for a few days.

Distance From Airport: 42.8 kms via the Edapally- Panvel Highway.

  1. Vagator Beach

The Vagator beach is the northernmost beach of Goa and is located close to the Anjuna beach. Vagator beach is famous for its unique natural beauty, which includes remarkable red cliffs overlooking the shore along with two springs of fresh water situated close to the coastline. These features make Vagator one of the most picturesque beaches in Goa. There is also a seaside headland that splits the beach into two sections, namely the North Vagator Beach, also known as Big Vagator and the Ozran Beach, also referred to as the Little Vagator.

This beach is relatively quieter and cleaner than the other popular tourist destinations in Goa. It is a perfect place to enjoy seaside picnics without much noise and disturbance. Visitors also enjoy watching the magnificent view of the setting sun from the rocks. In addition, to relaxing and having fun across the sandy beaches, visitors can also choose to take part in different water sports at Vagator beach. They can also explore the rusty cliffs and the thickets of greenery that are just beyond the shoreline. The headland dividing the beach into two, houses various stalls selling a variety of goods including, trinkets, clothes, soft drinks and snacks.

Goa Sailboat

Despite being somewhat laid back, the beach is still seeped in rave culture and features a specific area known as Disco valley, which is quite famous for its great trance parties. There are also various open air clubs and bars where people can enjoy and have fun. There are several hostels and budget hotels offering affordable accommodation options to the visitors. There is also a luxury hotel located at a distance of only 1km from the beach. This mesmerizing and tranquil beach gained further popularity when it was chosen as the base of the famous Sunburn Festival in 2013, which was earlier based in Candolim Beach.

Distance From Airport: 41.6 kms via the Edapally- Pnvel Highway.

  1. Morjim Beach

Located in the northern region of Pernem, The Morjim Beach is also famous by the name of Turtle Beach. The beach has rich green environment that is renowned for its biodiversity and it is also the nesting and hatching home for the endangered species of Olive Ridely turtles. The area has a huge concentration of Russian expatriates, which is why it is also known by the name of Little Russia. Given its serene and secluded environment, Morjim is quite different from the other popular beaches of Goa and offers a truly relaxing holiday experience.

Although, Morjim is not as crowded or noisy as the other beaches, it definitely provides its share of entertainment to the visitors. It has a thriving night life and features countless tiny shacks that offer different types of snacks and drinks enjoying beach parties along the coastline. Visitors can also enjoy various water activities in the area, with kite surfing being extremely popular given the shallow depth of the water in this area. The region is also home to a variety of bird species and hence bird watching is another fun thing that visitors can do here. The area is also well known amongst the visitors to enjoy the sights of dolphins in their natural habitat.

Morjim beach

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Morjim Beach offers a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The harmony and tranquility of the surroundings enables the visitors to relax under the golden rays of the sun kissing the silvery beaches. The mesmerizing view of the majestic sunset viewed from the beach is an amazing sight in itself as is the experience of enjoying a relaxing stay at one of the several small huts located just beyond the coastline. However, it is important to take the general precautions recommended for visitors to remain safe in this beautiful environment and enjoy a refreshing and relaxing holiday.

Distance From Airport: 53 kms

  1. Arambol Beach

Arambol is one of the most popular beaches amongst the long staying and budget–conscious visitors to Goa. It is also famous by the name of Harmal and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. The visitors especially love the laid back ambience and the bohemian feeling that the area has to offer. This rocky cum sandy beach is surrounded by a groove of cashew trees and offers a truly ethnic Goan experience. The village of Arambol is a traditional fisherman village and the locals have played an important role in helping to preserve the tranquil atmosphere of the area.

There are several cafés and restaurants located along the beach that provide ample variety of food and drink to visitors enjoying themselves on the fine white sands. The presence of costal winds enables the visitors to enjoy the fun of leisure activities such as paragliding and kite surfing. The calm and soothing environment also make the beach a perfect place to practice yoga and meditation that help in relaxing the body and the mind. In addition the visitors can enjoy the fun of listening to live music while enjoying a sunbath or even strolling along the coastline.

Arambol Beach

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There are no major hotels or resorts in the area as the locals firmly resist any such construction to avoid the destruction of the natural ambience. However, visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay at the various guest houses, huts and home stay options available in the area. One of the major attractions of the area is the fresh water lagoon situated in the midst of the thick jungle. The lagoon is fed by boiling hot springs and has a lining of sulphur rich mud that the visitors apply on their bodies as it can do wonders for the skin.

Distance From Airport: 57.5 kms via Edapally – Panvel Highway

  1. Chapora Beach

Chapora beach is considered to be one of the best and most budget friendly beaches of Goa. The beach features a combination of beautiful white sands, the sapphire expanse of the seas, the black lava rocks and swaying palm trees, which instantly touch a cord in the hearts of the visitors. Referred to as the ultimate leisure paradise of Goa, this cloistered and tranquil beach offers a truly mesmerizing sight at all times of the day and night. The green hills bordering the beach along with the majestic presence of the centuries old Portuguese Chapora Fort, further enhance the appeal of the this beach for the visitors.

The most distinguishing feature of the Chapora beach is its clean and tidy landscape. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities including swimming, sun bathing, fishing and other water sports. The beach offers a perfect destination for people to have fun, relax and enjoy the majestic sights of the surroundings. Visitors can also take a stroll through the main street of Chapora to enjoy the timeless beauty of the traditional buildings or eat and party at the various pubs, bars and restaurants located there. The presence of several shacks and restaurants along the beach is indicative of a happening nightlife.

Chapora beach goa

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When it comes to options for accommodation, the visitors can choose from the numerous options available. There are luxury hotels as well as economic guesthouses near the beach and visitors can even opt for the enriching experience of home stay. Despite the huge rush of tourists, the beach has managed to maintain its natural calm and unique ecological beauty. From the changing shades of the water as the sun moves across the sky to the lush green landscapes, everything about this beach is simply amazing and refreshing, which is one of the major reasons for it being the most frequented of all Goan beaches.

Distance From Airport: 43.6 km via Epadally- Panvel Highway.

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