Paragliding in Bir Billing

Exhilarating Bir-Billing Paragliding

To savor the most exciting and thrilling moment of your life you must visit the small suburb on the Himachal Pradesh known as Bir-Billing. It is strikingly considered as one of the most beautiful destination in India. It is covered in the form of an envelope with mighty mountains on one side and lush green pastures on the other side. This place offers to you the platform of the most extreme form of adventure sports that is Paragliding.

Bir Billing

The beautiful small village of Bir-Billing is located on the eastern border of Kangra District, set at the backdrop of the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. Bir-Billing is given the status of the best spot for Paragliding in India and is graded as the second best spot for Paragliding in the whole world. It is the first choice among domestic and international paragliders. The big reason behind this popularity is the place’s high -altitude peaks as well as some amazing Ariel views, unforgettable for any paragliding lover. The powerful and compelling scenic beauty of this place managed to attract the eyes of the World Power Paragliding Association, thus giving Bir-Billing a scope to host the Paragliding World Cup in the month of October in 2015.

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Bir Billing Paragliding

This place has received the recognition for being the most remarkable destination to enjoy the various forms of aero-sports that produces an adrenaline rush.  This is why this place is considered as a heaven for both Professional and amateur Para gliders. Bir-Billing is considered as one of the best spot in the world for aero-sports because of the following reasons:

  • Proper Take Off And Landing Area - For a perfect take off in paragliding you require a smooth wind and Billing provides the appropriate condition required for a safe takeoff. On the other hand for safe landinga place with minimum danger and maximum help is required and Bir provides both the amenities.
  • Good Cloud Base – The cloud base is perfect for paragliders in Bir-Billing.
  • Air Current - Bir-billing provides the perfect push for a take off and a smooth flight due to its blessed air current availability.

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One of the primary reasons for you to take part in Bill-Billing Paragliding is its cheap cost of tourism package. The place offers one of the most exotic views to the paragliders, with a full package of accommodation, meals, equipment and training at the least cost. Therefore being an adventure frenzy person I would suggest everyone who desires to taste the delicacies of adventure in their life, to visit Bir-Billing once in order to experience the thrill and the astonishing beauty of both the place and the sport simultaneously. Bir Billing paragliding your best adventure destination.

Do you want to experience heaven at its best form? Bir Billing is the place and paragliding there can give you better life goals and success story in future. You have never been to a place like this and it will be an exhilarating experience for you for sure. Heavenly beauty will welcome you with open arms.

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