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Spend Summers In The Nature’s Arms

With summer approaching, the best thing to beat that summer heat is to surround and dive into the  water or to scale up the mountains of a colder region where you not only forget about the summer sun but also find yourself exploring a new place.

River Rafting in Mohaka

Located in the North of New Zealand, Mohaka river is the best place for river rafting in New Zealand. Mohaka, which means a place for dancing in Maori will make your soul dance in a literal sense with its unparalleled rafting experience. The straight out of a painting view while you sail in the raft is a landscape  you will cherish for. It pleases your eyes as the view has all the perfect shades of blue sky, lush green mountains in the surrounding and a shining water waves of the river.

Rafting in Rishikesh


If you can travel to New Zealand, or don’t have much time in hand rafting in Rishikesh is the best and an ultimate option to make the most of it without compromising on the quality of the rafting experience. And Rafting in Rishikesh cost a little less as compared to New Zealand as well. The music of the river Ganga and the iconic landscape of the Himalayan mountains is a view that will take away all your stress within seconds.

Escape The Stress And Dive Into The Beauty Of Nature

Dayara Bugyal Trek

dayara bugyal trek october

Uttrakhand, the cradle of the mighty Himalayas is a home to several trek spots. They have  something for every kind of traveller but  the Dayara Bugyal Trek is a trek worth experiencing. Though Dayara Bugyal trek cost your long 6 days, the places that the journey takes you to marvelous. You get to explore the streams,lakes, mountains, peaks of Dehradun, Raithal, Gui, Dayara Bugyal and Dayara top. The trek is a moderate level one where you scale to the maximum altitude of 12,100 ft  You might spend around 11,000 INR which includes your accommodation, meal, expert charges, transport from Dehradun to Raithal and return, entry fees, oxygen cylinder and other required essentials.

Kuari Pass Trek

kuari pass trek cost

Himalaya, the home to the most intrusive trekking peaks has Himachal Pradesh. And at Himachal Pradesh’s footfall is Kuari mountain which has the Rishi Gorge as its backdrop. The 6 days Kuari Pass trek cost the beauty of Haridwar, Joshimath, Gulling Top, Tali Forest Camp and Kuari Pass. The rich flora and fauna at every corner will make you adore the nature even more. The feeling of camping at this altitude with mountains covered  show blanket till the farest sight is a pure of Nirvana.

Greet The Summer Heat In An Adventurous Way

Valley Of Flowers Trek

valley of flowers trek cost

If flora interests you and opens up your mind, scale the Uttarakhand mountains. Easy for first timers Valley of Flowers trek cost around 10,500 INR and requires 6 days in hand to travel Haridwar – Joshimath – GovindGhat – Ghangaria – Hemkund -Ghangaria – Valley of Flower. It is also a photographer’s delight where you not only get to capture the colourful art of nature but also get to witness the culture and beauty of the places.

Roopkund Trek

 roopkund trek 22

If challenges is what pushes you to go an extra mile and live, Roopkund trek is a journey which will make you live every moment even at various difficulties. Located in Chamoli, Uttrakhand, Roopkund attracts flocks of trekkers and adventurous who spare 8 days to experience the challenge path. Roopkund trek cost 10,400 INR where you witness the lush green shades as well as the shining and freezing white snowy and blue lake’s shade. The trek covers the path of Loharjung – Didina – Ali Bugyal – Ghora Lotani – Bhagwabasa– Roopkund Lake – Bedni Bugyal – Wan.
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