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Spin In The Festivals With An Adventurous Celebration

The festive shine has arrived,

And so has the reason to take an adventurous dive

With Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations kick-starting, the festive days have officially rolled in India. And this hints for some trips, sporty adventures and some walk by nature. We often bury our idea for the longing trips in the initial duration of the year, but with public holidays now and then, one takes an adventurous plunge without any guilt of missing out on anything.

The ‘RRR’ (Triple R) Factor

rafting in rishikesh

‘River Rafting in Rishikesh’

These 4 words suggested by anyone can one open up anyone’s mind and cheer up one’s mood. And while the north lovers hunt for an opportunity to head to relish the beauty of Rishikesh, time becomes the obstacle as Rafting in Rishikesh cost time to experience fully. Hence, these holidays are perfect to steal some time and find yourself rafting in Uttarakhand‘s paradise. There are several river rafting in Rishikesh packages offered, which can suit as per one’s needs and comfort. September to November is the Rishikesh rafting season so an advanced planned trip can help you save up on Rishikesh rafting charges.

Five Zealous Adventure Activities Handpicked, Just Not For You!

The Power Of LLB

leh ladakh road trip bike

No, this isn’t about the law, but definitely, the law that can help you attain solace and also enable you to unlock the view of some dramatic landscape. LLB, Leh Ladakh Bike trip is the apt law to follow when craved a path that’s full of surprising adventure. Motorcycling in India is extensively popular for the abundant beauty of India and Bike trip to Leh Ladakh is the perfect opportunity to explore the hidden gems the nation has. Reaching the heavenly Leh via flight and to touch down to the Pangong lake after witnessing the magical sunsets and sunrises on the Leh Ladakh road trip bike is different and satisfying. Leh Ladakh Bike Trip cost full 14 days and is full of a life-changing experience.

Planning A Trip To The North? Consider These Five Offbeat Locations

The Spirit Of GOT GTT

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

No, not Game of Thrones, but rather Gomukh Tapovan Trek, a journey which would take you to the places that people always wished for (just like in the show) but in a religious and a lot more adventurous way. Haridwar, Gangotri all these historic places has garnered tourist attraction from all over for its religious values and elements. And it is a treat to witness the union of people, devoted towards something in the purest form. And before the ‘not so interested for a religious trip’ section of people lose interest in this, the Gaumukh Tapovan trek cost equal excitement as it takes you to the trails of Gangotri valley, the lifestyle of Dharamshala, cascading river, wildflowers and breakfast by the ever stunning Gaumukh glacier.

The Alluring Roop (Of) Kund

roopkund trek

Roopkund, the name itself is enough to paint the picture in your mind on how astonishing the land would be. Roopkund trek itinerary sums up drive from Loharjung, trek through Didina village, Ali Bugyal, Ghora Lotani, Bhagwabasa, the Roopkund lake, Bedni Bugyal.the start itself is filled with scenic mountain views, small streams, oak forests, and the popular River Kosi and Pindar valley. Later, as the journey continues, you get to follow the steady uphill as well as downhill trail towards the river. In all, the Roopkund trek is a 360 degree (well, almost) of beauty and adventure. The Roopkund trek cost courage for its difficulty level, but it is worth it.

Binsar, The Quickest By Far

binsar trek

Binsar trek, one of the easiest and the least time-consuming trip amongst this list. The two day trek takes you to witness the amazing biodiversity, especially the rock garden, Central Himalayas, and view of the enchanting mountains. The path begins from Kathgodam, leads to Dhulchina, drive towards the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, up looking view of the valley and a glimpse into the life of a small village in the hamlet. The Binsar trek of Uttarakhand is easy at pocket and time and perfect for a small getaway.

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