Things To Keep In Mind Before Setting A Camp

“Let’s Just Go, and not

Come Back for a while.”

 Do you ever feel like that? Do you also want to go away from all the hassle and the unpleasant surprises life offers you at every damn point in life? Mother Nature is there to take you in her arms always. Yes! You got me absolutely right. Let’s go Camping today, away from all the negative elements and just be in the presence of plain beauty that does not ask for much in return (wink).

Well! While we are out there camping, it’s not just the fun part that is important. Your Safety is important too which can be ensured with certain quick precautions. For all my lovely Campsick readers, here is a quick guide for safe camping because it is not all about the Cold Air, Dark Night, Warm Fire and Bright Stars :) It is so much more <3

Location and Location

Whether you are camping in extreme conditions or difficult terrains, small hills, sandy area (Rishikesh), wild forest area etc, the location would have a huge impact while gearing up. For example if you would be camping after a trekking stretch, it would be better to keep it light and let go all the luxuries. If you are planning to camp in plains such as in forests or deserts where you can carry a lot of your stuff by car then pack accordingly.

Weather Forecast

Our dear meteorologists are not worth paying if you do not listen to them. Keep a check on the weather forecast of the area where you are planning to go at least 2 days prior. I know, I am acting like paranoid mother but recently two people from Jalandhar died while camping at a park in Narkanda, 80 km from Shimla, when a tree fell on them due to heavy rain and storm.

Please Please Please keep a track of weather wherever you are planning to camp.

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Camp in Open

Camp in open

Try to post your camp in an open area far from trees. Do not camp deep into the forest as there is a possibility of forest fire or wild animals. Also the tree falling. I know you need an escape but everyone has to go back to reality after sometime :P

Water Body

Your camp should be near some water body, a pond or spring but not too close. Make sure you are at a higher ground than the water body. Also try not to camp near a rivulet and river during rainy season as it could flood the surroundings.

Camping Companions

I know you want to be all by yourself but if you have company, it would be even more fun. If you are not a professional, I would always say, Get Company. It would always be more fun and adventurous sitting around that bonfire at night looking up towards the sky and enjoying the presence of your friends. So Call in Sick, Switch off your phone and Go Camping baby :P


Look for a plainer area before setting your camp. Try to find a clean place and less grassy area as grassy places have more possibility of worms and insects especially if the weather is humid at that time. Make sure, you use a tent cover to protect your tent in case it rains.


As Henry David Thoreau said, “The fire is the main comfort of the camp”, try to find a place where you have an easy access to dry wood that is twigs, branches etc. After all, it’s not camping till the time you are not roasting your marshmallows and enjoying every bit of it. Yummmmm (Oh God! I am hungry now and so want to go camping :P)


So this is it with the Camping Advice. Do not let any obstacle ever come in between you and Nature. Because as they say, “There’s no WIFI out there, But we promise, you could not find a better Connection.” But, a little precaution never harms anyone as you have a whole bunch of people waiting for you in the real world which is also something you can’t live without <3

In the end, I just want to say one thing –    “Keep calm and Go Camping :P”
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