Top 10 Places For A Destination Wedding In India

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most significant and important days of a person’s life. Joining two soul’s together is definitely not a casual affair, it needs to be treated accordingly. Destination weddings operate on this idea- setting up the perfect week separated from the usual monotonous rituals conducted in the nearest venue. India has recently garnered a lot of tourist attention due to its stunning places around the sub-continent. Here are some of them.

1. Jaisalmer


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The Golden City, once ruled over by the majestic Rajputs creates the perfect setting for the dreamy wedding every person desires with its sand dunes, forts and culture. With various hotels designed like palaces which cater exclusively to tailored needs, Jaisalmer has been the favorite amongst foreign couples who began their marital bliss here. Moreover, the camels and the richly colored clothes, intricately designed sculptures and the folk songs, make a destination wedding set here an incredible clash of the glory of the past and the grandeur of the present.

2. Goa


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The ultimate paradise, Goa is great for couples who do not want to incur the unnecessary stress that comes with planning a wedding. The best hotels are located here, right in the midst of the vibrant amalgamation of various cultures. Moreover, the clean beaches and the abundance of great seafood are set against beautifully structured religious buildings. Goa also covers the time and effort required to search for the perfect place to have the honeymoon either. In short, it is an all in one package.

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3. Udaipur


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The home of heritage hotels, Udaipur hosts a continuous stream of royal style weddings. The Lake Palace hotel provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the city while being set near the Lake Pichola – the scenic view is the perfect setting for that memorable event. The city itself is magical, turning into a dreamland with its lighting. A favorite of Bollywood movies, Udaipur is also the hub of many venues for a wedding. A great way to kick start your marriage is under the canopies and cenotaphs of these architectural marvels.

4. Jodhpur


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A favorite amongst the Lonely Planet, tycoons and the elite classes, Jodhpur has vast spacious areas which can host every guest comfortably. The well-furnished hotels also have ample facilities and tour offers as a package. The pleasant weather, and the vast greenery overlooking the Thar, allows for a lot of functions to be held out in the open. Also the hub of the mouthwatering delicacies, Jodhpur is sought after by foreigners as their wedding’s location.

5. Jaipur


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The capital city of Rajasthan cannot go wrong in laying out its grandeur. The Neemrana Hotel line has established their stronghold here, and offer undoubtedly the best place to hold an auspicious event such as a wedding here. The cuisine consists of the typical Rajasthani dishes, and folk dances/songs can be arranged to perform at the functions. However, it is the clothing and decor that sets weddings in Jaipur apart – with their bright colors and fine material.

6. Hyderabad


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The lion’s city hosts a number of events resplendent with the culture unique to the state. Rich in flora and fauna, the occasional peacock wanders into your five star hotel. The city of Nizam’s absolutely cannot be taken for granted – from delicious non veg dishes to beautiful buildings, Hyderabad has a lot to offer. The good road connectivity is a feature that is helpful especially during the ceremonial proceedings.

7. Alleppey


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Set in the backdrop of the Kerala backwaters, Alappuzha is picturesque in its surroundings. The various beaches and lagoons, with their pleasant weather are guaranteed to host the perfect wedding. The rock cut caves nearby are also a crowd puller.  The boat rides could add a twist to the festivities, as do the abundance of farms in this area. The charming temples and churches set amidst the swaying coconut trees are important highlights of Alleppey.

8. Bangalore


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Bangalore depicts the amalgamation of the past and the modern in a beautiful surrounding – housing structures created by the majestic Cholas along with modern marvels.  Bangalore has many lakes and parks along with European design churches and structures and is perfect for a hassle free wedding as many facilities are within an arm’s reach here. Moreover the clean environment and the fact that it is the Silicon Valley of India ensures that the wedding will be extremely modern and smoothly run.

9. Shimla


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Shimla is a winter wonderland set in the hills. With its skyline view and grand buildings, Shimla is irresistible against the snowy greens and large spacious lawns provide ample space for the drawn out celebrations during a wedding. The option of winter sports and the abundance of warm cozy houses with fresh food and produce, Shimla is a great place to unwind, and celebrate away from the hustle bustle of the city.

10. Havelock Islands

Hermosa Beach

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Pristine beaches, sand and sapphire blue waters, Havelock Island is isolated from the noisy chaotic world of the subcontinent. The beachy settings and the resorts peeking out onto them make for the dream wedding. The breezy weather is perfect for saying your vows out in the open under the sun. So dig your feet into the sand, and play with the waves on your special day.

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