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10 Bridges That Will Compel You To Recheck Your Balance

Walking on a shaking pane hung over a river? Sounds trembling. Well, what if we say that such shaky panes are a reality in the world. Dangerous and primitive bridges are not just the matter of fiction as showcased in the horror movies. Such bridges are a reality and are placed in different parts of the world. Walking on these bridges is equally exciting and scary. The act of balancing yourself on these bridges may even lead you to skip a breath. Are you ready to discover the various fear generating bridges of the world?

We have compiled a list of such dangerous bridges which might end up giving you goose bumps. So, get ready for the nightmare. Here is the list:

  1. Indo Board Bridge, Indonesia

Indo Board Bridge Indonesia

Indo Board Bridge Indonesia by​ Julija Nėjė

It is one of the highly damaged bridges situated in Lebak, Indonesia. The skaters and surfers often visit the Indo Board for getting their balance training. The entire bridge is hung through a single thread and is indeed very scary. The tiny kids balance their way out on this bridge to reach their school. Would you also like to try sailing in the Indo Board?

  1. Rope Bridge, Brazil

Crossing a rope bridge in the rainforest

Rope Bridge, Brazil By Getty Images

There is a rope bridge consisting of the shaky steps located in the rainforests of the Brazil. This bridge is said to be an essential part of the jungle rope course conducted in Pirenopolis, but the very thought of passing through this bridge can give you a pain in the knees. The steps of the bridge are meant for a free swinging ride on the bridge.

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  1. Highline 179, Austria

Highline 179 Austria

Highline 179 Austria By Max Scherer

This is one of the deadliest bridges of the world. The suspension rope bridge connects Fort Claudia and Ehrenberg Ruins. The total height of the bridge is approximately 11,460 metres and stretches for 406 metres and can accommodate a maximum of 500 people at a time. You can visit this bridge to test your fear of height.

  1. Bridge over Mekong River, China

The famous Mekong River makes its way through 6 different countries situated in South-East Asia, namely, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand. The river showcases its various faces and that includes from gentle flowing water to converting into the frothing rapids. Just imagine, if you are asked to cross the length of a river full of rapids using just 2 ropes which can act as your bridge, will you be eager to try it? Yes, the bridge is nothing but the skinny ropes through which the individual crosses the river. Indeed, dangerous!

  1. Hanging Bridge, India

Hanging bridge at the tree house resort in India

Hanging bridge in India© Getty Images

In a tree house resort in India is situated the hanging bridge which takes the individuals to a ride through the trees. This is one of the least dangerous bridges amongst the category of deadly bridges of the world. Because of being the part of a hotel, the necessary safety measures are taken in high regard. But, the level of danger is quite there, so you can avoid if you do not wish to take the whole business of tension and worries, but you may miss the fun.

  1. Suspension Bridge, Baliem River, Western New Guinea

Suspension bridge above the Baliem river

Suspension Bridge, Baliem River, Western New Guinea© Getty Images

The suspension bridge placed above the Baliem River is the only way out for crossing the river. The river flows with high rapid making it even riskier to pass through the bridge. The rapids of the Baliem River not only goes across but also up, creating two-way difficulty for the individual crossing the bridge and also increasing the chances of missing the step.

  1. Bridge over Kanka River, Kashmir, India

Kanka River bridge

Bridge over Kanka River, Kashmir, India © Getty Images/Aurora Creative

Crossing the Kanka River through this bridge is indeed one of the heroic tasks one can ever undertake. The bridge is made using wooden lofts placed together. If you have the courage to showcase your bravery in Kashmir, then consider passing through the Kanka River.

  1. Sky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, USA

Sky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, USA

Sky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, USA @ Getty Images

This is a high altitude suspension bridge placed on Mt. Nimbus in the USA. The bridge appears as if is tied through skinny ropes and is capable enough to make your head touch the clouds. You can get the true experience of the sky walking by crossing the suspension bridge at Mt. Nimbus. If you wish to do something daring? Then, this can be your cup of tea!

  1. Crevasse Bridge, Mt. Everest

Crevasse Bridge, Mt. Everest

Crevasse Bridge, Mt. Everest @ Mt. Everest Pins

This is not a permanent bridge and is put up to help the climbers trekking Everest, Nepal. It is constructed by the Sherpas every year for easy navigation on the highly thrilling Khumbu Ice Fall. This bridge is tagged as one of the hazardous parts of the Everest expedition and requires a great footwork to manage each and every move while wearing the crampons and carrying a huge weight on the back.

  1. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan@oswaldt

The Hussaini Hanging Bridge is one of the deadliest bridges of the world. If you wish to indulge in some adventure that can give a jerk to your adrenaline, then consider walking on this perilous bridge which has high wires and the bridge is connected through wooden panes.

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