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27-Year-Old Became The First Woman To Visit Every Country In The World

We are a generation for whom flying off to far-flung, unique places on the other side of the world is considerably easier than it was for our parents and grandma and grandpa. This is definitely a gift of technology and development in the field of infrastructure. With this development, people do visit places across the globe but have you heard of anyone who has travelled the globe?

One young lady has just broken a Guinness World Record for going to all the countries in the world in the shortest amount of time. Off all the places she has visited, trekking in India has been one of the adventures she had accomplished. When we talk of Asian countries, she has visited Bhutan, The Land of Thunder Dragons after India.

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Fastest Woman in Bhutan

De Pecol, pictured in Bhutan. (Photo courtesy of Cassie De Pecol)

27-year-old Cassie De Pecol from Connecticut set off on 24 July 2015 and finished her committed project on 2 Feb 2017, documenting her journey online as she went. In July 2015, Cassie De Pecol went to the sovereign country of Palau. But this was not just any vacation. The 27-year-old from Connecticut was starting on the journey of a lifetime: to be the fastest person to travel each and every one of the 196 sovereign countries and crack a Guinness World Record.

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In Feb 2017, this fearless traveller obtained her goal, taking the around-the-world voyage in 18 months and 26 days. In addition, she presented genuine types of proof having travelled to each of the sovereign countries, making De Pecol the first recorded lady to visit every country on this earth. ‘Expedition 196’, as her task was known as, saw De Pecol break the current record of three years and three months, set by previous record-holder Yili Liu. De Pecol frequented all 196 countries in 18 and half months.

De Pecol

De Pecol @ CNN Travel

Previously working in the business enterprise, De Pecol stop her job in 2012 and now describes herself as “a world traveller, explorer, environmental activist, women’s rights and serenity capitalist, instructor, triathlete, and business woman.” She financed her journey both through endorsements and savings, having allocated £160,000 (including £8,000 just from babysitting).

“Her desire since high school was to see every country on earth, and it wasn’t until her 25th birthday that she noticed her lifelong dream was in simply vision, just patiently waiting for her to take action,” the Expedition 196 website describes. But Cassie’s journey wasn’t just about journeying the world. She joined up with non-profit, International Institute of Peace through Tourism, taking aim at motivating other women to be less scared of seeing the world for themselves. Cassie also joined with Skal International on a green initiative to offset the carbon footprint of her expedition and plant trees around the world.

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Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, De Pecol @ CNN Travel


Ms De Pecol stop a company job she allegedly described as “unfulfilling” in 2012 and has been journeying since July 2015 to discover more about the world. However, you have to wonder: why does that have to mean losing everything and jumping from country-to-country for 18 months?

“I had this far fledged desire to go to each and every country on earth when I was in high school. But out of worry of what other people informed me about what happens (supposedly) to women when they travel alone, and of course, lack of money, I did not engage in it,” she informed.


Collecting water samples in El Salvador. (Photo courtesy of Cassie De Pecol)

“After moving out to Los Angeles, I experienced like I was wasting this time, youth, and body that I had not utilised it towards changing the world for the better. I didn’t just want to sit in some LA residence, childcare for the rest of my life.” Did journeying at the whirlwind pace make it is impossible to get to know a place or form any significant connections?

“To be honest, 2 to 5 days is enough,” she said via email. Apparently, she had made it a point to stay back in one place for not more than five days or less than two days to experience the place to gain enough knowledge. “It’s enough to understand the story of one person, it’s enough to speak to over 300 university students and then create an impact, it’s enough to meet with the mayor, to taste a local food, to go to an archaeological site, to attend the regional wedding.”

Exploring New Zealand

Exploring New Zealand. (Photo courtesy of Cassie De Pecol)

She indicated those who said otherwise completely skipped the point. For her, setting on a journey was a goal and had a bigger picture to its impact rather than fun only. “This Expedition was not a ‘journey’ or a ‘vacation’ or even a ‘nomadic experience’ for me. It was a Goal, I had sponsors, and I had to film an educational documentary to be used in great academic institutions and universities and colleges along the way.

“It has been an enormous amount of work and sure, I did not get to see everything in each country, but it also came down to finances. I’m not rich.” She did face problem when it came to travelling because expenditure is something that one needs to consider. It was a huge try to get sponsors on board and pay, but she said it was worth it to create a heritage.

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On a beach in Tonga

On a beach in Tonga. (Photo courtesy of Cassie De Pecol)

If De Pecol is able to complete her marathon of a journey by the end of this year, the two fastest male world travellers currently having the record will step down from their titles as record holders. Graham Gaines finished the journey in just less than four years, and Yili Liu, visited all 196 countries in three years, three months, and six days in 2010.


With some locals in Afghanistan. (Photo courtesy of Cassie De Pecol)

Cassandra started journeying the world with only $2,000 to her name back during 2009 when she was just 19 years old. The brave lady had to sweep floors, serve tables and plant seeds to be able to feed her wanderlust as she visited across European countries, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia with her brother. She visited approximately 25 countries over the period of about 2 years but it wasn’t enough. Several years later, on her 25th birthday, Cassandra pointed out that her life goal was to become the first person to travel the world in a short interval of time. It experienced terrifying at first but Cassandra was determined. 15 months later, she’s about to break the record.


De Pecol interviews a local woman in Iran. (Photo courtesy of Cassie De Pecol)

Cassandra De Pecol from Connecticut is about to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to go to all Sovereign States (plus an additional 11 countries). Her journey is called Expedition196 and has cost almost $200,000 so far. Luckily for her, the costs are covered by sponsors who support her mission.


Photo courtesy of Cassie De Pecol

De Pecol visits each place to go for two to 5 days and has gone through four passports en voyage. In an Instagram De Pecol mentioned “will probably go through one more of these bad boys before I complete.” If you are one of those fearless ladies who can fight tigers and obstacles, then travelling to various places can be one thing on your checklist that you should check. Bhutan Bike Trips amidst the rest of the adventures is soaring among men and women. Make the most of your life and be happy.

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