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kodachadri trek

Trekking is one among the most popular activity done by adventure seekers and travellers all around the world. One such famous trekking spot in India is the Kodachadri trekking destinations in South India which is hailed for it’s varied landscape and mesmerizing natural beauty. The name for this place is derived from the words Kodacha and Adri. It’s literal translation is “Home of the hill of Jasmine flowers”. The peak of the place is very high as it rises up to a height of 1,343 meters above the sea level. Being home to precious natural diversity, it has been declared as a Natural Heritage Site. This trek offers an amazing view of the rising sun such that it rises from beyond the hills which then spreads it’s beauty across the vast spread of the Arabian Sea. The effort that the trekkers put in to climb to the top of the peak is of no waste as the sight is mesmerizing.

Explore amazing picturesque views while trekking Bangalore

The kodachadri trek is full of fun and adventure as it provides a completely satisfying and fulfilling experience to the travellers. Some of the most eye-catching sights here are dense green forests, rolling meadows, crossing high waterfalls and sheer drops of the cliffs. This trekking trail is relatively easy when it’s done in the daytime. But undertaking weekend night trekking here requires a brave courageous stand from the participants. The kodachadri trekking details are the following. The day starts with the vibe dawning on the peak. There’s the panoramic view of the surroundings and the blissful sight of the Arabian Sea and Sharavati backwaters. This purges the trekkers from the pain and tiredness that they get after the activity. In addition to this the peak gets surrounded by clouds and cool breeze. This makes the trekkers feel like floating in the sky like a free bird. Also the view of the lush green spread of nature extending right up to the horizon below gives a cooling sensation to the eyes. A short itinerary of the place follows like this. On day one the pick up starts from Bangalore. In the next day they reach the homestay at early morning and can reach the trek at 9:30 AM after having breakfast. By evening they can reach back and start the campfire. In the next day they can checkout from homestay at 9:00 AM and depart to Banglore. Also they can visit Nagara Fort on the way back and can reach back at exactly 10:00 PM.



tadiandamol trek

One among the most sought after trekking sport In South India is Tadiandamol trekking in which the peak rises up to a height of 1748 meter above the sea level. In local language, the name Tadiandamol means a large mountain and also it’s peak height above the sea level completely justifies this name. From Bangalore the place is situated at a distance of nearly 280 kms. It’s said that this the picturesque Tadiandamol Trek in Coorg takes the participants to the top of the 5th largest peak in Karnataka. In reality this trail is is not that famous amongst adventure enthusiasts. Through each varied landscapes the trek trail passes which is yet another mystic chapter of nature for the trekkers. Some of it’s most attractive sights are dense wooded slopes, rising and falling terrains and mist covered valleys. These all have a mysterious vibe which attracts the trekkers and then infuses them with an inherent love for the surroundings.

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The place is surrounded with the deep lush greenery of the Shola forests and also the unique fauna and flora of the Western Ghats. These two together make the trip even more exciting and and fun filled. Some rare species of birds and flowers can also be spotted who make their home in this region. In 2 days and 2 nights the trekking can be easily completed. There’s also the unique opportunity to enjoy rappelling. This package also includes the exciting Chelavara Falls trek in which there’s the exciting activity of waterfall rappelling. What adds more adventure and thrill is the experience of camping in the wilderness which is a real adventure. The best time to visit the Coorg tadiandamol trek and rafting are the months coming after monsoon.  During these periods Tadiandamol comes alive with a splash of color and beauty like most other tropical destinations. Due to this the season comes as the best time for undertaking trekking here. The trekkers can visualise and enjoy the amazing natural beauty in it’s full bloom. The busiest months of conducting treks are the months between October and February.


Mullayanagiri Trek

In South India there are a plenty of trekking places provided the travellers know about it in detail. One such popular trekking adventure is the Mullayangari trek done in the district of Karnataka. In Karnataka the highest peak is Mullayangari which is about 1,930 m. The main attraction is that this hill offers unprecedented views of all it’s neighbouring ranges as it stands majestically above the rest of the popular Western Ghats. With every step one takes, the view gets more and more breath-taking. Unlike other treks this one is not that difficult. With a few steep ascents, serpentine forest trails, cool breeze and the sound of birds chirping, the trek is a beautiful one to explore. On reaching the peak, one will be awe-struck by the amount of bliss that the nature here can provide. For all the tired souls the trek will be a true reprieve. All those who come here must book a Mullayangari trek guide for the journeys as the trials are a bit lengthy and tough.




nishani motte trekking

In the Western Ghats there lies a not so popular mountain ranges know as Nishani in the Coorg region. From Bhagamandala the mountain ranges starts which is in South Coorg and passes through talacauvery region and ends at the northern side of Coorg. This Nishani Motte trek is approximately 15 km in distance. It starts from the bhagamandala forest range and then the treading leads through the paddy fields. From there it turns to the coffee estate and the into the Wildlife Reserve. After this it finally reaches the mountain peak. With the nature’s euphoric appeal this trek is sure to enrich and enlighten one. Adding extra relief in this journey is the soothing cool climate of Madekeri in Coorg. In this expedition there’s also the facility of taking trekking in coorg.

There’ a package available which includes Transportation (from/to Bangalore),  Lunch and Dinner on Day 1, Accomodation, Trek, Rafting, Campfire, Homestay, Breakfast on the first two days. The packages excludes anything not mentioned in the inclusion list. Also Personal expenses of any kind are also not included. There’re two plans available. In Plan 1 it costs Rs 3300 per person (Trekking without Rafting). In Plan 2 it’s Rs 4250 per person (Trekking With Rafting).



Kudremukh Trek In Chikmagalur 6

Kudremukh trek in Chikmagalur is one of the popularly sought after adventure activity in South India. Enhancing the charismatic appeal of the place is the majestic view of lush green meadows. Being the third highest peak in Karnataka, the place offers plenty of challenges to the trekkers to quench their thirst for adventure. What make this destination the heaven of South India is it’s immense natural beauty and the presence of unique flora and fauna. There’s a variety of landscapes present in this trial of Kudremukh. There’s dense forest in the Kudremukh National park, gloriously flowing streams and also vast meadows surrounding the place. This all makes the participants enjoy the best treasures of nature during the expedition which consists of 2 days and 1 night. The environment of the region is calm and serene which has a soothing effect on the mind and soul of the trekkers. Because of this they don’t get bored and feels naturally happy and energetic along with the trails.

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The top of the Kudremukh peak provides a breathtaking view of the surroundings. The trekkers coming here get the feeling of floating amidst the clouds like a bird. At the same time they enjoy a bird’s eye view of the magnificent spread of nature extending up to the horizon. The most apt time to come for this Kudremukh trek is during the post monsoon season. This is when the surroundings have a fresh appeal and aura just after the rains. Some of the most important things to do before coming here is to to take permission from the forest department. Participants must avoid indulging in frightening or killing animals or even destroying the forest in any manner. These all are punishable crimes. It is extremely important for the trekking groups to stay together at all times as the trail passes through a dense forest area. A short break is a must take in case of getting exhausted. Rather than sitting back or relaxing alone, this works best.



Gokarna Beach

Beaches are one among the favorite spots for people around the world. The clam breeze and aura provided by the ocean can’t be compared to any other activity. Gokarna beach trek is one among the most sought after beach activity in South India. The place is around 520 kms from Bangalore. It is believed that this place is the spot from where Lord Shiva emerged from a cow’s ear. And hence the name Gokarna got derived from this (Mother Earth). The area consists of four main beaches. The starting point of this Gokarana beach is the Om Kudle beach. This is because it is around 1 km from one end to the other. The beach is vast and spacious for all types of fun activities. The dusk view at Gokarna beach is something not to be missed. There appears orange light on the waves at this time which is such a mesmerizing sight. It adds to the colour of life.

After this one can go to Om beach which is technically in the shape of “Om”. There’s a medium size cliff climbing named Shiva Climb situated on the right hand side of the beach. No other beach in this world can give this type of spiritual uniqueness. The next one is the Half Moon beach which gives the feel and thrill of trekking. Here there’s a huge rock called the rock of peace from where one can view the soothing dolphins on the Arabian coast line. In order to reach the Half Moon Meach there’s another route which is peaceful and serene. It’s a coastal line with hundreds of palm and coconut trees.

The last one is the Paradise Beach which is silent and calm. The place is filled with palm trees and rocks such that one can do rock climbing. Some wild paintings are portrayed on the rock which gives it an antique feel. It’s also the best place to take pictures. A Candle light dinner facility is available and there’s also music near the beach. October to February is the best time to go. A pair of jackets, shorts and cargos must be brought in order to climb the mountains. A pair of sport shoes and medical kit is also necessary. Trips in the monsoon season is not favourable as the sand gets slippery and watery. So one can generalise Gokarana beach as a combination spot for spirituality as well as enjoyment.

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