Ladakh bike trip

Visit The Heavenly Ladakh This Season On Two Wheels

For the adventure lovers out there, the very thought of trailing on the heavenly highway of Leh-Ladakh gives them a rush in the adrenaline. Ladakh is one spectacular destination where each and every biker wishes to ride on. As the new season is about to begin, it’s the right time to plan your Ladakh bike trip. If you are having your own bike, you can easily evade the roads of Ladakh on it, but in  case you are not having your own hot wheels, this post will give you the details about everything you need to know when thinking of a bike trip to Ladakh. Read through:

Ladakh bike trip

Where to rent the bike for the Leh-Ladakh trip? When it comes to riding in Ladakh on a bike, there are three options which you may consider:

  1. Rent The Bike In Manali

The bikes which are rented from outside the region of Leh are not allowed to be used for sightseeing in Leh. However, you can use the same bike for visiting Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes. Hence, if you reached Leh through a bike rented at Manali, you are required to leave the bike at Leh and then take a local Leh bike for sight seeing in Leh.

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Road Trip

  1. Rent Bike From Srinagar

The Srinagar-Leh highway is one of the most beautiful highways of the country. In case you are opting for this route for reaching Leh, then you need to rent the bike in Srinagar. Such bikes also need to be parked upon reaching Leh and then a local bike will be used for sightseeing at Leh.

  1. Rent Bike From Leh

This is the most economical of all the options. Since in every other option you are required to take a local bike in Leh, rent a bike directly at Leh. Each and every model is present, thus, you can pick the bike of your choice.

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Road Trip To Leh Ladakh

A Look At Bike Rentals At Leh-Ladakh For This Year!

None of the section remains untouched from the impact of inflation and bike rentals are no different. The year, 2017-18 witnessed a rise of nearly 20% in the bike rentals for Leh-Ladakh trip in comparison to the rentals prevailing last year. Some of the rental companies have made available the famous Royal Enfield ‘Himalayan’ bike for the riders at a very economical price; thus giving one additional reason for taking the bike trip. However, your favourite bike may not be available at the very instance, so make sure to book in advance prior to the dates of the trip. The rentals of the bike vary according to days and the models of the bikes.

Road Trip To Ladakh

What Things You Need to Consider Before Selecting The Bike?

The selection of a good bike is very important for an adventurous road trip on the Leh-Ladakh highway. Thus, selecting the right bike is of great importance. Here are some of things that you must check at the time of selection of the bike:

  • Don’t go for a bike which emits white smoke.
  • Make sure to check the air filter of the bike and change it in case it is found to be dirty.
  • Check if the bike’s engine is in a good state and is not making any unnatural sound and in case it is making such sounds, inquire the reason for the same from the renter and if he is unable to reason out then consider rejecting the particular bike.
  • The battery and self-start of the bike must be thoroughly checked and must be rejected if giving any problem.
  • The clutch plates should be properly checked and must be in a workable condition.
  • Consider rejecting a bike if the chain makes a lot of noise because there are a great number of chances of the chain getting broken in the middle of the trip.
  • The carbonator’s plug must be thoroughly checked and if found burnt then the renter must be asked to change the same.
  • Don’t forget to check the tyres of the bike. If you feel they are worn out or not in a good condition, ask your renter to replace the same on an immediate basis.
  • Get all the documents of the bike in place before hiring it to avoid any unforeseen events.

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What You Must Know About Bike Rentals In Leh-Ladakh?

If you are not aware about the trends of the bike rentals in Leh Ladakh, here are some vital points that you must read and take into consideration at the time of taking a bike on the rent:

  • The luggage carrier and the saddle bag cost INR 100 in addition to the bike rentals on per day basis.
  • The half day rental means that the bike must be returned to the renter by 2.00 pm else the payment for the full day is charged.
  • Bikes rented at one location cannot be used for sightseeing at the other location. Hence, you need to visit a local bike rental shop for local sightseeing.
  • While riding bike you will pass through a number of check points formed by the Ladakh Motor Bike rental association. In case, you broke any rule, instead of getting into the ugly fight, the best method is to act innocent and ignorant of the rule and agree to their terms and conditions.
  • The private bikes are also allowed in the region of Ladakh provided the bike is either in the name of the bike rider or his/her parents and the documents of the same must be carried along on the trip.
  • The one way bike rentals are quite costly and may end up creating a big hole in your pocket. So, if you are an avid bike rider and facing budget constraint, consider taking a bike on rent for Leh-Ladakh, the roads there are such that they can give you ample number of opportunities for soaking in the power of adventure.

Leh Ladakh

A road trip to Leh-Ladakh is always on the bucket list of each and every biker. The charm of this trip is such that not only the Indian bikers, but the bikers from around the world visit India to indulge in the heroic charm of bike trip of Leh-Ladakh.

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