India's Tallest Waterfalls

“India’s Tallest Waterfall Dudhsagar Fall”

Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the India’s tallest waterfalls. Situated in the state of Goa, the Dudhsagar falls really makes sense of its name as it will look like the sea of milk bursting out from the sky during the monsoon season. What’s so best about the Dudhsagar waterfall is that the falls and the surroundings still remain untouched and it is as wild as it can be. The four tired waterfall offers a breath taking view for those who dare to conquer the forest to get a glimpse of this wild beauty.

Having that said, the Dudhsagar falls attract a lot of adventure lovers and it is definitely a great spot for trekking and spending time with the magnificent nature. The waterfall is a part of the beautifully flowing Mandovi River. Located between the Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary and the Mollem National Park, the Dudhsagar remains as a wonder of the Western Ghats.

Booking Now Dudhsagar Water Fall Trek From Mumbai

One will have to trek through the intense forest in order to reach the waterfall. There is a railway track running close to the waterfall. So, one of the best ways to get close to the Dudhsagar Waterfall is though the railway all the way to the falls. There are several local passenger trains running through the falls. But it only gives a small portion of enjoying the scene. If you seek more adventure and want to experience the spray of fresh water from the falls on your face, then you can trek all the way up to the falls.

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The nearest town of Dudhsagar is Ramangar about 35 km long. The trek starts from the castle rock. The trek is a long one covering more than 14 km but it will never make you feel tired or bored because the place is that much beautiful. If the 14 km seems too long, then you can hop on to the 4×4 off road service which will take you near the falls. If you are well equipped, you can spend a night in the forest to get to know the forest and the falls even better.

Grab Now Dudhsagar Water Fall Trek From Bangalore

Exact Location : Dudhsagar is situated 35 km away from Ramanagar in Goa

Distance from Panjim : 72.3 km

Distance from Pune : 451 km

Distance from Mumbai : 591 km

Distance from Bangalore : 548 km

How to Reach : Pune- Kohlapur- Belgaum- Dudhsagar

Trek Length : 1 Day

Best Time to Visit : during the monsoon from June to September.

Advisory: take caution when taking the train to the falls as there is no official stop there. One will have to jump off the train. It is quite dangerous to do so. Avoid trekking in the night since the thick forest may contain wild animals and poisonous insects. It is advised to reach the waterfall before dusk.

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Waterfall Dudhsagar

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Grab Now Dudhsagar Water Fall Trek From Goa

Other Information

Castle Rock : this beautiful village that lies between the border of Karnataka and Goa is a place you need to explore during your visit to the Dudhsagar falls. The Castle rock is actually a huge rock situated on top of a hill, somehow resembling the shape of castle.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, A Milky Ocean Flowing Through The Lap Of Nature
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