Skydiving in India

Skydiving – A Great Adventure Activity For People Who Love To Soar In The Skies

Skydiving is an extremely enthralling adventure activity that is steadily gaining much popularity in India as a recreational sport. For people who dream of flying in the sky like a bird, skydiving can prove to be a fulfilling experience. There are several destinations that offer the facility to skydive in India enabling the adventure enthusiasts across the country to enjoy this adrenaline pumping activity. However, in order to fully take in the fun of skydiving, it is important for the participants to be aware of some important aspects related to the sport as discussed below.

Skydiving As A Recreational Sport

As the name suggests, Skydiving is all about jumping from an airplane or even a helicopter that is flying at a high altitude. Once the participants make the jump, they can perform different types of aerial stunts before launching their parachutes to land safely on the ground. The participants of any skydiving event need to have different levels of physical fitness which is based generally on their age, sex, level of physical activity, medical history and even mental health. Given that there is a certain amount of risk involved in performing the activity, it is vital for the participants to undergo some basic skydiving training and follow the safety guidelines in the strictest manner.

When The Reel Heroes Did Real Life Skydiving Adventure

skydiving places in india
Diving In The Skies of Mehsana, Gujarat

Options For Skydiving

Depending upon the level of fitness, availability of time and the budget limitations, the participants can choose from one of the following three different options for skydiving.

Tandem Jumping : This is the most basic type of jump that participants can opt for. It is extremely popular amongst beginners and is conducted in pairs with an experienced instructor. It is also one of the least expensive ways to enjoy the experience of skydiving.

Static Line Training : This is the second level of skydiving where the participants get the support of a static line attached to the plane. This is the solo skydiving option that enables the participants to enjoy the experience of 2-3 minutes of free fall before their parachute opens up.

Accelerated Free Fall : This is the most difficult of all the skydiving options and requires the participants to undergo a good amount of training before taking the jump. This option is also the most expensive in terms of skydiving cost, due to the level of training and risk involved.

Skydiving Tandem Jump

Useful Skydiving Tips

It is important for the people participating in the activity of skydiving to remember that this is an extreme sport. That is why people and agencies offering the facility of skydiving use the best safety measures to avoid the possibility of any untoward accidents. At the same times it is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they do not enhance the risk associated with the sport any further by adhering to the following tips.

  • The skydivers should make sure to check their gear periodically and repair or even replace any piece of equipment that they might find damaged or faulty. They should double check the gear before taking the jump and in case of any issues, no matter how small they might seem, should abort the jump rather than putting their safety and well being at risk.
  • The participants should enroll for comprehensive skydiving courses that educate them thoroughly about all the aspects of the sport. This education can come in quite handy and can even help in saving their lives in case something goes wrong during the jump.
  • In case the participants have any doubts regarding the activity before they make the jump, it is advisable for them to get the same cleared from their instructors. The participants should make sure that they are not only physically fit for the adventure but also mentally strong enough to overcome the stress and emotional challenge of jumping from such great heights.
  • Finally people who weigh more than 250 pounds should avoid undertaking the dive. The participants should also refrain from wearing clothing other than the one suggested by the instructors as it can restrict or even hinder their movement during the activity.
  • It is extremely important for the participants to ensure that they do not indulge in consumption of any hard drinks at least a couple of days prior to taking the jump. It also important to eat only the proper diet recommended by the instructors prior to the jump.
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