Enjoy The Thrill Of Conquering The Everest Of Maharashtra: Kalsubai Peak

Enjoy The Thrill Of Conquering The Everest Of Maharashtra : Kalsubai Peak

Located in the Shayadri range in the state of Maharashtra, the Kalsubai peak stands 5400 feet above sea level. This top of this lofty mountain holds the distinction of being the tallest point in the state, which is why it also referred to as the “Everest of Maharashtra”. The summit is also famous for being the location of the sacred Kalsubai temple, the abode of a local diety, after whom, the mountain has been named. Devotees in large numbers opt to undertake the Kalsubai trek to seek the blessings of the deity, especially during the annual fair organized at the time of Navratri festival.

Kalsubai trek

Kalsubai is also a favorite destination for trekking enthusiasts in general from within and outside the state. The mountain features well defined trekking routes that offer different levels of difficulty for the trekkers in addition to providing different routes of approach for them. However, the main trekking route commences from the village of Bari, located just 6kms from nearest town of Bhandardara. Even though trekking to this peak can be enjoyed at almost any time of the year, the best time to enjoy the trip is in the month of September, when the monsoon are just over. A trek to Kalsubai, highest peak in Maharashtra, can be enjoyed both during the daytime and at night, making it a truly enriching experience.

  1. Night Trek To Kalsubai Peak

The night trek to Kalsubai peak is completed over a period of 1 night and 1 day and proves to be a mesmerizing experience. The participants are required to reach Bari village by late evening, so that the trekkers get enough time to freshen-up and rest. The participants enjoy their dinner, long before commencing the trek around midnight. The awesome experience of traversing the pleasing trekking trail at night is something that only the participants can experience. The trek to peak generally takes around 3- 4 hours, so that the trekkers can enjoy a small bonfire and take some rest in the early hours of the morning.

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 night trek to Kalsubai peak

The most amazing aspect of the trip is watching the sun rise from the top of the tallest peak in Maharashtra. This captivating view tends to seep away all the tiredness and fatigue that participants feel after traversing the Kalsubai trek route. Having taken in this mesmerizing sight, the participants enjoy breakfast and tea and then visit the Kalsubai temple. The downward descent commences by late morning, ensuring that the trekkers reach back to Bari village by late afternoon and then can proceed to their homes.

  1. Day Trek To Kalsubai Peak

The day long trek to the Kalsubai peak is an extremely popular activity among adventure enthusiasts. The trek that takes the participants to the top of the highest mountain in Maharashtra, offers an amazing view of the natural environment and the entire Shayadri range. The refreshing and relaxing environments make for a perfect corporate outing to Kalsubai, where people can bond with each other as they try to conquer the Everest of Maharashtra.

Day Trek To Kalsubai Peak

The participant of the trek needs to assemble at the Kasara railway station by around 3:00am on the scheduled day of the trek. From there they travel to the Bari village, where they freshen-up and enjoy breakfast before attending a briefing and introduction session. They then commence the one day trek to Kalsubai peak, while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds them over the entire route. In order to make the trek easy, the local people have erected ladders and carved steps at the most difficult sections of the trail. Steel railings and chains have also been tied to ensure the safety of the trekkers.

Kalsubai Peak

Upon reaching the peak the participants can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surroundings including the Bhandardara Lake and Wison Dam. The lush green beauty of the surroundings has a relaxing and soothing effect on the trekkers, who can spend some time exploring the same. After a visit to the Kalsubai temple, the participants start the downward trek, around early afternoon reaching Bari village by late afternoon and from there move on to their respective destinations.

Some Basic Details

Transportation Mode :  Participants can avail transportation facility to and from the nearest railway station of Kasara.

Difficulty Level :  The trek is categorized to be having a difficulty level of easy to moderate depending on the expertise of the participants.

Distance From Mumbai and Pune :  Kalsubai is located at a distance of around 153 kms from Mumbai and 170 kms from Pune.

How To Prepare For Trekking 1 Week In Advance :  In order to fully enjoy the trek to Kalsubai, participants should make sure to do regular exercise in the week preceding the trip. They should also take walks, especially at night to become used to seeing in dark, in case they intend to go for the night trek.

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