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Have You Tried These Night Treks Near Bangalore Yet?

The invincible giant looked perilous from a distance.


As the breeze carelessly brushes its shoulder with me,

I am already teleported at its peak,

Scaling its inevitably astonishing curves.


But the real conqueror is the gentle saturation of the green carpet,

That spreads like a virus in monsoons,

And gulp down the whole foothill like a gourmet.


And when everything is said and done,

Would you like to take a hike with me?


Two long lost friends sit behind their desk to carry on their monotonous work.

A beautiful lawyer, surprisingly single, wishes to tick off her travel bucket list.

A wise guy with a long beard, thinks to take some time off his passion for literature.

And a carefree young soul, unbounded by the norms of the society, is yet eager to explore some new avenue to experience.

What’s common between theis cohort of restless strangers is the fact that their experiment with trekking for the weekend, went on to reward them with a lifelong bond of love, laughter and much more exploration to follow.

This story is of none other than my own. Instead of lecturing about the benefits of trekking in bangalore, I rather though to present with my own experience.

The practice of hiking in India has lately gained a lot of takers. And it is not just the Himalayas that the people are fond of. Exploring the mountain ranges surrounding the city has opened up a whole new opportunity for people with never ending fast life.

Bangalore, blessed with an abundance of natural beauty surrounding, has numerous options for hiking during the weekend.

Since the monsoon has departed, we recommend for night trekking in Bangalore. Well, technically it isn’t ‘In’ Bangalore, but the night treks near Bangalore allows to soak in the calm hypnosis of the dark and then the mind-boggling beauty of the amazing sunrise.

  1. Kunti Betta Trek

trekking bangalore best places

Kunti Betta trek has lately gained a lot more popularity in the recent years for its unique landscapes and mesmerizing nature that it beholds. Given the difficulty level, Kunti Betta trekking is relatively easy to climb, provided, it requires a basic level of fitness. The folklore suggests its mythological association with the Pandava’s from the famous Mahabharata.

People usually opt for Kunti Betta night trekking to witness its extraordinary adventure through the dark path, illuminated by the moonlight, and the adorable rise of the dawn.

But the story is not over yet, after descending from the trek, people can indulge in water sports or simply relax by the lake. Try Kayaking on the water, don’t worry, it doesn’t require any prior experience of swimming. Enough safety precautions are taken anyway.

Hike More Worry Later With These 8 Treks Near Bangalore

  1. Skandagiri Night Trek

Skandagiri sunrise

Located just 70kms away from Bangalore, Skandagiri trekking is like a celebrity amongst all the other treks. Situated at a height of 4429 ft above sea level, the 8 km long trail takes you through the dense vegetation and rugged terrain.

Though the trek can be done during the day time, Skandagiri night trekking has far more to offer.

When the sun breaks the night, a sea of clouds bathed in the golden light unfolds in front of the eyes. It literally does the justification to the proverb, “I am at cloud nine today”.

For safety reasons, one needs a trek guide to manoeuvre through the trail, you can book for packages of the trek through our website.

 7 Amazing Destinations To Enjoy Night Trek Near Bangalore

  1. Kankapura Adventure Camp

Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura

Now for the ones who are sceptical about leaving their comfort to experience raw savagery of the trek, you can opt for a nature adventure camp in Kanakapura.

Located just 50 kms away from Bangalore, the Kanakapura nature camp has been idle for relaxing, yet experiencing the adventure activities that it has to offer. A right mixture of camping amidst the mountains, lakes and experiencing the adventure activities like – Trekking, kayaking, zip lining, etc.


Scriber – Gunjan Shah.

Gunjan Shah
After completing my graduation, I decided never to open my books again. Now there are only 3 things in my mind – Travel, Travel and travel!



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