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Live The Surreal Experience Of River Rafting In Kolad

Being In the middle of the chasing river, under the golden sunlight (or the thundering clouds, depends on the weather) listening to the rhythm of the gushing waves, and sinking your mind in the movement of the raft and excluding all the chaos of the outer world.

Didn’t this create a pleasant feeling in your heart and welcomed peace in your mind?  Who would not want such a therapeutic escape? And we are here to make it easy for you!

Lately, over the years, white river rafting has been getting recognized and flocks of people have it on their bucket list. But many of them, have always eyed on the rafting in north India, Rishikesh, at the top. But if you are in and around Mumbai, it’s not really possible to experience this anytime as it requires a planned trip for an escape. But we have got you a hidden gem that will let you have a surreal experience.



Dwelled along the Mumbai-Goa Highway, Kolad is a hamlet of adventure. Kolad is just 140 km away from Mumbai and 110 km away from Pune. Thus, makes it easy for People from Mumbai and Pune to escapade river rafting. The Kundalika River of Kolad which originates from Bhira is blessed with beauty at 360 degrees. And that is where the sports organized.


Unlike other adventures and rafting places, river rafting in Kolad is an all-season adventure. And that is the best part about it because it gives a freedom of heading there whenever the heart wants or whenever the dates of the entire gang match (busy life you see).

The apt season to make the most of it is from June to October. But as mentioned prior, it isn’t like if you don’t do it in between June to October, you do not experience rafting in a true sense.  It’s the only the peak season purely because the waves during the monsoon are stronger, nature around is more green, and the breeze and the wind are more powerful.

A Rafting Voyage Through The River Of Kundalika (Kolad)


From Mumbai :  Hop on a train from Dadar to Kolad in the morning, and then the rest is taken care by the organiser. It takes about 2.5 hours depending on the train you choose. Breakfast, lunch is provided by the organiser, so all you have to do is get along a  bag with basic necessities and an extra pair of clothes and most importantly, the excitement.

About Rafting : Once you are all prepared to dive into the raft, the professionals will guide you with the required instructions. And the moment the adventurous journey begins, you will be welcomed with water and in case you have missed your workout, the paddling in the strongest of the river waves will help to maintain the track. Because the core muscles of the body are utilized in the best of the manner for balancing the raft as well as yourself paddling.

An Evolutive Tale Of River Rafting


Distance :  Rafting is carried out on the 13 km stretch on the let-off section of the hydroelectric project on the river. The distance is full of water splashes, unexpected turns and movements of the raft, and the sky above. The view of the picturesque landscape of the woods and valleys is highly captivating.

Time : WIth the distance mentioned above, you can soak in all the thunder for a good 2 hours (depends on the weather).

Days : Organised as per the lifestyle of the people, the trip is a one day trip, more like a weekend one. But, if you have more time in your hand and want to spend it on nature,

Cost : Depending on the days you choose, the cost of the event ranges from 2500 to 3000 INR per person for a day. This will include food, experts and safety measure ’s charges.

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Things to note before planning:

Minimum age is 14 years

Min–35 Kgs & Max–120 Kgs

Need not know swimming

Should follow the instructions carefully

Terms and conditions

To leave all the emotional burden and live in the moment

Author: Radhika Shah

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