Seven Majestic Treks of Uttarakhand To Cherish On!

Adventure activities like rock climbing, river rafting, trekking, etc are major stress busters and offer a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Of this none is more calming, tranquil and scenic than trekking. Hence in this world of the modern rat race, there has been a recent and continuous spike in the popularity of treks to certain panoramic regions of the different states in the country, as rising tourist destination for trekking enthusiasts. Amongst them, Uttarakhand, which is popularly dubbed, “The land of Gods or Dev-Bhumi”, is a popular and favored location.

Apart from its breathtaking beauty, Uttarakhand is home to Nanda Devi (7,816 m / 25,643 ft) ,the second tallest peak in India and as well as a tonne of other high altitude peaks, making it a trekker’s dream destination.

Trekking through the varied trails in Uttarakhand takes you through diverse mountainous structures which are enveloped in wilderness, snow, and the rugged beauty of these lofty mountains. It is a really exhilarating and unique experience which rewards you with breathtaking views of the resplendent Himalayas and the glorious alpine meadows. So get ready to relive your favorite Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani moments (sans the commitment issues & drama of course) as we have listed below a few of the popular and unparalleled treks of the region:-

1] Har Ki Dun :

Har Ki Dun trekking 55

Altitude : 3566 mts/11697 ft

Grade of Difficulty : Easy – Moderate

Duration : 8 Days

Season : March – June & September – Mid November

Also known as “Hanging Valley Of Gods”, Har ki Dun trek is a cradle shaped valley, surrounded  with luminescent peaks and the lush-green forest. It is a remote region that possesses untouched and exquisite beauty, tranquility, and rich flora and fauna. It offers a series of quaint villages on the cliffs, the delightful experience of camping by a sprightly mountain river, and a vista of snow peaks. It is considered to be a sacred place, as it is believed it was the path taken by the Pandavas to Heaven.

2] Valley of Flowers Trek:

Valley of Flowers Trek cost
Altitude :
 3,600 m

Grade of Difficulty : Easy

Duration : 6 Days

Season : Mid July to Mid August

The Valley of Flowers trek is quite literally a Bouquet of Mother Nature, quietly nestled away in the western Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. This visually overpowering and awe striking piece of nature is blessed with Gushing waterfalls, beautiful wildflowers, silvery glaciers and various fauna species indigenous to the region. The trek is a steep climb comprised of rugged terrains, narrow passages & captivating views of the nearby peaks. It is a true heaven for the nature fanatics and Shutterbugs.

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3] Chopta Chandrashila Trek :

Altitude :
4090 m

Grade : Easy to Moderate

Duration : 05-06 Days

Season : February-November

This trek is a gateway into the Himalayan shades of spring sprightliness. The whole tour covers an ascent to the Chandrashila Trek Peak, passing through the beguiling Deoriatal Trek lake side, and launching one onto breath taking visuals of spellbinding snow peaks all the way. A compilation of varied assortment of scenery, like the Emerald lake, thick rhododendron woodland, the sacred Tungnath Temple and all the encapsulating perspectives of the Himalayan reach from the summit are the major highlights of this trek. This trek is sure to satisfy everyone’s perspective, be it a nature lover, a bird watcher, or a camera addict.

4] Pindari Glacier :

Altitude : 4150 m/13612 ft

Grade : Moderate

Duration : 10 days

Season : April – June & September – October

The only trek which leads into the Kumaon part of Garhwal region, it is the most accessible Glacier of the Himalyan region. The visually captivating trek offers up breathtaking views of Nanda Devi, Trishul & Nanda Kot, which is are some of the tallest peaks of that region. The Glacier is pleasantly referred to as the soul of Kumaon.

5] Gomukh to Gangotri Glacier Trek :

Gangotri-Gaumukh Tapovan Trek
Altitude :
4450 m

Grade : Moderate to Difficult

Duration : 11 Days

Season : May – October

The primary source of the largest river in India, The Ganges, the Gangotri Glacier is one of the largest glaciers of the Himalayan Region, about 30 kms long and 4 kms wide. This popular trek is also often undertaken as a religious pilgrimage with devotee’s visiting the Gangotri temple, seeking blessings of the goddess Ganga. The majestic snow clad Mount Shivling, also referred to as “The Matterhorn” by Europeans and the Bhagirathi Peaks, never leave your sight throughout the journey of this sublime trek.

6] Roopkund Trek :

roopkund lake trek 11
Altitude :
4463 m

Grade : Moderate to Difficult

Duration : 06-08 days

Season : May – June & September – October

This scenic trek, leads one to the famous glacial of Roopkund Lake, also known as “The Skeleton Lake”, owing to the thousands of skeletal corpses scattered in and around the lake. These are noticeably visible when the snow has melted. This panoramic trek trails through striking meadows, mountainous rivers, thriving forests and bewitching ridges.

7] Rupin Pass Trek :

Rupin pass
Altitude :
4648 m

Grade : Difficult

Duration : 08 days

Season : April – July& September –November

A  high altitude trek, this is one trek which will leave you baffled and exhausted but yet content with the sheer diversity of the scenery and sudden alteration in the trails. Mother nature has truly painted the entire trail with her full set of pastels and landscapes, be it snow, forests, or rocky terrains, through and by the side of  the water streams or meadows. This route takes one from lush green and hot terrains and leads towards and culminating in the coldest of areas over the snow kissed mountains. One of the distinct visual treats of this trek is that of hundreds of Waterfalls, falling from such incredible heights that they appear to be falling down right from the heavens.

Writer – Amish Maru
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