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The Top 5 Adventure Seeking Cities In India

India is surely a country packed with adventure lovers. The diverse geographic and cultural varieties make India an ideal place to pursue different adventure sports. From thrilling river rafting to risky hill treks, India has all the best sorts of adventure sports that can satisfy the adrenaline rush of any adventure lover in India. But, which city has the most number of adventurers? We looked into the Google trends to find out which city gets searched the most regarding adventure sports. As the Google tells us, the Mumbai tops the list with Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai following the list.


The Mumbai is probably the biggest city in the India. Most of the people residing in Mumbai live a busy life and that is exactly the reason why people tend to break out from their busy and pressurized lives, seeking adventure sports that bring some refreshment to their lives. There are lot of cool places that hosts adventure sports providing intense fun near the city of Mumbai.

Elephanta Caves from Mumbai

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* Mandava – Mandava is situated very close to the Mumbai city. The Mandava is the perfect place to try out the sea kayaking, a widely known adventure sport all over the world.

* Kolad – Kolad is about 100 kms away from the city. The Kolad is beautiful village that lies up on the banks of the famous Kundalika. The fast paced Kundalika River is the perfect place to do river rafting. The river is about 14 kilometres long and is ideal for rafting during the period of monsoon.

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  1. Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is not far behind in terms of adventure sports. The people of Delhi too have a great taste for adventure sports. There are many places that sports various kinds of adventurous activities not too far from the city.

Delhi ECO Village

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* Dhauj – The Dhauj is an ideal place for rock climbing in India. The rock climbing is a sport that requires skill and physical fitness. The camps at the Dhauj provide guidance for those who wants to try out this intense adventure sport. The view from the top of the mountain after doing the rock climbing is extra ordinary. Another activity held at Dhauj is zorbing. The zorbing is completely safe and is a source of unlimited fun. Getting inside the inflated balloon is something that every adventure seeker should try.

* Rishikesh – the Rishikesh is a small town near Delhi and is the most popular river rafting Rishikesh destination in the north India. The rafting route offers an elegant view of the nature while rafting through the white foamy water of the river in an inflatable rubber boat. The Rishikesh also has the bungee jumping activities set up. Bungee jumping is undoubtedly one of the best adventure sports in the world. The 82 metre cliff is waiting for those who dare to defy gravity and fear.

Bungee Jumping

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  1. Bangalore

Bangalore is also known as the Silicon valley of India for its extensive growth in the Information Technology field. Apart from being just an IT rich city, it also boasts of having adventure enthusiasts and packs varieties of adventures.

* Scuba Diving – The Bangalore Dive club supports the sport of diving for the adventure lovers in Bangalore. The scuba diving is truly an incredible experience for those who are fond of diving. They provide lessons to make sure the safety of the divers.

* Trekking at Mullayanagiri – the Mullayanagiri is a beautiful peak situated not too far from the city of Bangalore. Trekking to the top of the mountain is a task rather enjoyable than tiring. The Kurinji flowers that spread through the borders of the peak offer an outstanding sight for the people who pass by.

* Dandeli White Water Rafting – the river Dandeli is famous for its swift flow and curvy structure. The Dandeli river rafting is the best river rafting in all of India. Getting on the inflatable rubber boat and taking control over the b current is an interesting adventure to do in Bangalore.

River Rafting Dandeli

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  1. Pune

Pune is widely known for the various adventures that are being hosted in various parts of the city. The adventure enthusiastic minds have converted natural wonders into places of high octane adventure sports.

* Paragliding at KamshetParagliding will set you free like a bird into the skies. The wind blowing on your face will be just enough to feed your hunger for adventure. Kamshet has a great landscape that offers an extra ordinary view. The geographic nature of the Kamshet is ideal for paragliding safely.

* Rally Driving – Rally driving is the most adventurous form of driving. With cars of monstrous engines, going sideways over the corners, the rally racing has won the hearts of many adventure and automobile lovers. The Pune provides a chance to get on a rally car and drift around the corners of the off road gravel track for those who have driving skills and taste for adventure.


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  1. Chennai

The Chennai houses thousands of various cultures and traditions. The same diversity is also reflected in the adventure sports of Chennai city. There are lot of adventurous activities to be done in Chennai.

* Water Surfing at Covelong – the water surfing is the most thrilling water sport activity in the entire world. At Covelong, you can learn surfing from various classes being conducted at there and go surfing to enjoy intense fun. Safety of the surfers is given highest priority, so one can take the challenges of the waves without having much fear.

* Paintball at Pattipulam – if shooting and fighting is your thing; then you should give a try at the Paintball at Pattipulam. The paintball uses guns loaded with small paint balls that will splash colours when they hit the target. They are completely safe, so that anyone can take part in Paintball fights in Chennai.

* ATV Ride – the ATV, All Terrain Vehicle is something that is fascinated by most of the adventure seekers in India. They can be driven through any kind of terrain, making them ideal for off road rides. The ATV ride adventure camp located on the East Coast road, Chennai provides opportunity for riding ATV through off road.

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These cities are just the top among the adventure loving cities in India. The other cities too have different scopes of adventure sports. Each city has its own special adventure and don’t miss them when you are visiting these cities.
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