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1) Triund Trek

triund trek cost

One of India’s most popular trekking expedition Triund Trek is situated in the Himalayas. Unlike other treks, this one is quite easy as the rails are smooth with less humps and blocks. The major attraction of people choosing here is the aura of the place’s priceless beauty and the nature sprinkled on each book and corner of the place. There’s a pious ambience spread around the atmosphere of this trekking trail. Within a single day the trek can be completed. But still there’s a 4 day package provided by most of the experienced and renowned tour operators of Triund. This provides the trekkers full opportunity as well as scope to enjoy and experience the splendid beauty of the nature at it’s most futile form. In order for one to put the city life on hold or to take a break from their professional commitments then triund trekking expedition is the best and the worthiest choice one can take to add colours to life.

One speciality of this trek is that the trekking trails are beautifully wrapped up in the serenity of the nature. This gives a refreshing feeling and makes the trekkers delighted by making them completely forget the tiredness caused due to trekking. The Himalayan mountain’s grandeur as well as appeal is mesmerizing as it leaves a long-lasting imprint in one’s life by touching both soul and heart. Different views are provided by the peak by looking from it’s different regions. This adds more glory and charm to this journey, which shows the journey is full of magic and surprises. The time duration for trekking here is in the months of January and February due to the presence of thickly covered snows in the Himalayas. The itinerary of this trek consists of a four day journey in which the first place to arrive is at Mcleodganj. In the next day the trip is from Dharamkot To Triund (9 KMS, 6 HRS). Third day it’s from Triund To Laka Glacier ( 8KM, 6 HRS) and on the final day it’s from Triund To Dharamkot (5 KM, 4HRS). It’s better to do advanced booking in order for last minute tensions. The budget is of moderate level as the cost of per person is Rs 5500.

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2) Tadoba Tiger Wildlife Safari

Tadoba Tiger Wildlife Safari

Tadoba National Park is one among India’s oldest and largest National Park which  was first established in 1995 as an official national park. Later in the same year it was declared as a tiger reserve and the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra comes the location of this park. The name of the God ‘Taru’ was choosen as the name for this park. This divine name is of the God ‘Taru’ who is worshipped in the forest areas by the tribal people living there. Another speciality is that the popular River Andhari flows through this forest. The place is also famous for the spotting of Bengal Tiger and the total area of the park is 1727.6 sq.kms in which the core area is of 625.82 sq.kms and 1101.78 sq.kms consisting of the buffer area.

North Tadoba region, Morhurli region and the south Kolsa range are the three regions in to which the park is divided into. The names of these three places are named after three water sources which are Tadoba river, Tadobalake and the Kolsa lake. In all the three regions the the Tadoba tiger wildlife safari is allowed. In order to spot animals the best spot in the park is Moharli. This is because in this safari region it is the most famous spot. The central part of the park consists of this. Scenic location as well as animal spotting are the most popular activities of the Tadoba zone. Densely covered with forests and greenery, the south Kolsa zone is the spot of flora of the place. The place is also one among the best tiger reserves in India. Tadoba safari booking must be done a few weeks before arriving. Tadoba safari national park booking must also be done in a similar way. These all reduce the tensions and problems arising from late bookings. Tadoba safari booking rates consists of two plans. In plan 1 it’s Rs 18900 per person. In Plan 2 it’s Rs 23100 per person.

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3) Kheerganga Trek

Khir Ganga Trekkin

Kheerganga trek is another mostly sought after adventure activity by all the trekkers out there. It is around 3050 metres and is the final prohibited settlement on the way to Pin Valley through the Pin-Parvati pass. The extensive greenery and vast sky of this place is such a soothing phenomenon as it gives calmness to the travelers body and mind. The place is a sacred site as there’s a Shiva Temple. It also has a hot spring and a bathing pool. This pool is a blessing so as the hot bath is such a relief in that cold climate. There are some important things to be noted while coming here which are the following. Warm clothes should be brought regardless of the season one is coming.

The trekking gear and supplies must be there always in hand. Ones own medicines and a nice pair of shoes should be bought. It must be ensured that in advance all of the permissions needed for hiking in the area are there. It’ll be better if a certified and experienced guide is hired and also the fees must be set ahead of time in order to avoid problems. To cope up with current cut its better to bring extra camera batteries and a torch. The detailed itinerary consists of 4 day journey in which the places Kasol, Kheerganga, Tosh and Barsheni is covered accordingly. For advanced booking few contact numbers are provided in the page. The budget is not that expensive as for each person the cost is Rs 4999.

4) Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Hunder sand dunes, Nubra valley

For all the bike lovers a bike trip to Leh Ladakh is a lifetime dream to be done at least once in their life journey. Surrounded by most beautiful mountains they’ll be riding on an endless dirt road, as it’s a destination which is full of scenic beauty and adventure. This makes this trip so special and memorable. In this Leh Ladakh Bike Trip expedition one crucial factor is the weather condition. This is because the area is covered with mountains and so the weather can fluctuate at any time of the day. June to September is the Best time period for leh bike trip as during this time there’s less rainfall during which makes the road apt to travel through Leh. Also there’ll not be any sort of problems or obstructions during the entire trip. These are some of the most important things to be considered during the next Ladakh Bike Trip.

This helps a lot and one can plan and act accordingly depending upon the duration of the travel. There’s also the facility of bike trip available as there are thousands of bikers travelling to the same destination each year. It’s such a great loss if one misses this opportunity and especially to Leh Ladakh. This road trip is a bit different from others as the the travellers are going by their own means. This adds unforgettable memories and rare experiences which can’t be acquired from anything else on this planet. The itinerary for this trip consists of 13 day journey travelling from Chandigarh to Delhi. The package includes highly experienced leaders, food, mechanics, train ticket from jammu to delhi, accommodation etc. For coming to this tour one must consider all the available packages and budget. The cost per person is Rs 26775 which is in Plan A.

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