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All About Safe Water Rafting

There are various types of people in this world. Not all of them have the same taste and hobbies. Some are interested in technology, whereas some other group of people prefers music. But of all the types of people, the most interesting kind is those who dare to do anything to satisfy their need of adrenaline rush. There are many kinds of adventure sports that can satisfy your adrenaline rushes. The bungee jumping and skydiving are some exciting adventure sports that thrill these adrenaline junkies. When it comes to India, the most exciting adventure sport is the white water river rafting.

What is White Water River Rafting?

River rafting is an adventure sport in which a group of people, usually 10, get on an inflated boat and take on the fast flowing river. The best feature about the river rafting that makes people addicted to it is that it is a purely raw sport. There will be very low control and you will have to embrace what is next to come. With little control and unpredictability, this raw sport has won the hearts of millions of adrenaline junkies worldwide. All you can do is get along with the flow of the river. You will feel yourself as the part of the river and the motion is nothing but controlled chaos.

river rafting

Why River Rafting is Ideal in India

India is famous for her great rivers. There are many great rivers that are running through the heart of the India. The River Ganga is the most famous of them all. Ganga is mainly known for the religious matters. But apart from that, the river Ganga offers quite a different story. Ganga is an ideal river for rafting at many locations in India. An interesting fact about the river Ganga is that, originating from the Himalaya Mountains, the river flows through multiple states in India. There will be plenty of water always because, during the summer season, the melting of snow from the frosty Himalaya Mountains will supply a huge amount of water to the river. So, the river rafting is always feasible at the river Ganga.

Rafting in India has been gaining quite a lot of attention during the past few years. Even though there are many different locations that offers river rafting, but not, all of these sports can offer the true thrill and excitement that you expect. The fact is that some river rafting locations in India are very dull and boring. But the rafting in Rishikesh is entirely different from the other rafting locations in India. Rishikesh is one of the top rated rafting locations in India because of the swift flow of the river through the rocks and stones. The sight of the swift paced river only can take your breath away. Getting on the inflated boat for the ride is another story. But before that, there are a lot of things that you should know about the white water river rafting.

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Precautions that should be taken before river rafting

**   Make sure the Guides are licensed and experienced

River rafting is undoubtedly a sport that involves a very huge amount of risk. Rafting may even cost your life if proper attention is not given to it. So, always take enough care while choosing the outfitters and guides. Don’t forget to make sure they are licensed and have years of experience in the same field. There are many rafting services in India that aren’t properly authorized and don’t have the required safety gears.

**   Always wear the necessary safety gears

Since there is huge risk involved in the white water river rafting, you should always wear the safety gears at any cost. The swift river can rock the inflated boat and make you fall in the river. So it is very important to wear the safety jacket so that you stay afloat when you fall into the river and doesn’t drown. The helmets should be worn because, the river is not made of soft pebbles and sand, there will be huge rocks that can cause very damage if hit.

**   Take paddling lessons from the experts

There is no meaning in going to the river rafting if you don’t know to paddle properly. The paddle is the only tool you have to take on the raw and aggressive river. If you don’t paddle properly, devastating results may follow. To take control of the inflated boat and to avoid trouble, it is very important to take the paddling lessons so that you can paddle yourself away from all the troubles.

**   Choose the right outfit

You are definitely going to get wet during the river rafting, when you are thrown into the river by accident, you should be able to swim yourself away from the danger. Even if you know how to swim, if the outfit isn’t right, you will get dragged down. Materials like jeans can absorb the water and it will make you heavier. It will make the swimming a difficult task. So, when going for the river rafting, try to avoid jeans and similar materials and wear clothes that doesn’t absorb water much.

**   Try not to fall off

In river rafting, the most important thing you should concern about is staying in the boat without falling off. The chances of getting injuries are much high if you are thrown off from the boat. The boat may rock hard while going down the stream and when hitting the rocks. You must always make sure you have enough grip so that you don’t fall off. The guide will shout out if anything is about to happen, this is your call for holding on to the boat.

**   Always listen to the guide well.

The guide is like the captain of the boat. You must always listen to the guide and do whatever you are told to do by the guide. The guide will be giving frequent instructions mainly about paddling the boat. The boat will flow in the right direction and be in control only if the commands of the guide are obeyed properly.

**   Learn how to swim properly

Even though, the safety jacket will keep you afloat in the river, it becomes meaningless if you don’t know how to swim. No matter how tight you wear those jackets, there still exists a small chance that the jacket will get separated from your body due to the flow of the water or by hitting the rocks.so in such situations, you must be able to swim so that you can avoid any mishaps and stay in one piece.

**   Choose what is suitable for you

One thing you should know about the river rafting is that they are classified into 6 different classed, each class having separate risk levels. Class 1 is considered as the easiest level and the difficulty goes up gradually up to the level 6. The level 6 involves huge risk factor and should be done by the experts only. If you are a beginner, go for the class 1 or 2. While choosing a class level, you must also consider your physical fitness for that particular class.

**   Always raft in group

If you are about to go rafting alone, you must know that, there won’t be anyone who can help you if anything terrible happens. If you are rafting in a group, there will always be hope because other rafters will try to save you from harm if anything bad occurs.

**   Stay sober

People go to river rafting, seeking adventure and thrill. Some people prefer to use alcohol before the trip for maximizing the enjoyment. This is very dangerous and should be avoided at any cost. Alcohol reduces the reflex speed and increases the danger in the river rafting.

**   Don’t wear hand or leg wraps

When raft is tumbled over, the hand wraps may get tangled around your hands or body, preventing you from swimming correctly. This may lead to drowning. So it is better to leave the hand wraps behind, even if you are suffering from any kind of hand injury.

**   Double check the quality of the safety equipment

Even if you are supplied with all the safety gadgets, they don’t mean anything if they are of very bad quality. So always ensure the quality of the safety jackets and the helmets. Some safety jackets will have only less floating materials. If you don’t feel confident with the safety gear you are provided with, ask for better ones or leave the river rafting course.

**   Make sure first aids are available

Before going on white water river rafting, you must make sure that, there is enough supply for the first aid tools such as bandages and painkillers.

An Evolutive Tale Of River Rafting

**   Always ask for safety briefing

You must always ask for safety briefing to the guide. You may have experience in rafting in other rapids. But you must always keep that in mind that each stream and rapid is different from one on another. So ask for the guide to brief about the course and the safety requirements before starting off the ride.

**   Finish rafting before sunlight goes down

While going for river rafting, it must be performed only during the presence of enough sunlight. When it is dark, the path and the rocks may not be visible even for the most expert paddler. This increases danger and should be avoided at any cost. Even if there is sunlight when starting off the journey, make sure that it won’t be dark before finishing the river rafting course.

**   Inform your medical conditions to the guide before starting off

If you are suffering from any kind of diseases or have any physical damage done to your body in the past, don’t hesitate to inform your guide about your medical conditions. The guide will give safety instructions according to your medical conditions and will prevent you from getting yourself injured.

**   Do not try to stand up, always sit inside the raft

For maximizing the fun, people tend to stand up in the raft for a better view and for showing off. When you are standing up, the center of gravity also gets increased, so there is a high chance that you will tip over and will be thrown off to river.

**   Teamwork is important

Always remember that you will be rafting in a team. For the correct movement of the raft, you may need to paddle in a rhythmic manner with the fellow members of the raft. Do help others when they are in need of help. Only with this attitude, you will be able to survive higher grade river rafting.

That is all you need to know about before going river rafting in India. Make sure you follow all of the above instructions to stay safe during the white water river rafting. While doing river rafting, always watch out for eddies. Eddies are swirls in the rapid. It may be of various sizes. Larger eddies can even rotate the raft by some angle. So it would be best to stay away from eddies while river rafting or swimming in the river. In the lower grade river rafting, you may be allowed to swim in the river with the safety jacket as per the instructions of the guide. Never go far away from the raft and stay under the sight of the guide. If you tend to swim without considering the instructions of the guide, there is a risk of getting trapped in eddies or falling into fast streamlines. Book The Event :  River Rafting Rishikesh 

Rafting in Rishikesh

Know more about Rishikesh

Rishikesh is situated in the state of Uttarakhand, as a gateway to the Himalaya Mountains. With about 372 meters elevated from the sea level, the climate of Rishikesh is always chilling. That is exactly the reason why White Water River rafting in Rishikesh is better than any other rafting locations in India. Rishikesh offers a great stretch of the aggressively paced holy Ganga River that is ideal for river rafting.  The Rishikesh river rafting is known all around the world for the thrill ride it offers. The best feature about the Rishikesh river rafting is that rafting of different grades like 1, 2, 3 and 4 are offered at the Rishikesh river rafting. So it doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or an amateur, you can choose from different difficulty classes.

**   Grade 1 indicates that navigation is quite simple. The stream will be comparatively slow paced and you will be able to paddle both upstream and downstream through the river. There is no risk of being thrown into water or anything like that.

**   Grade 2 courses are those that contain multiple rocks of small sizes placed on the path. But like in grade 1, navigation is not that much difficult and can be controlled easily.

**   Grade 3 is where the adventure begins. It is not like the lower grades. You will really begin to feel the thrill and exhilaration of a real adventure. It requires quite a lot of skill and concentration for the river rafting and there are chances of getting into trouble if proper attention is not given to it.

**   Grade 4 is an advanced level. It is strictly for the experts. Novices shouldn’t attempt grade 4 rafting because the current is too b to be faced by an inexperienced person. Another fact you should know is that the raft may even be tumbled due to the b current in the stream.

**   Grade 5 is Professional River rafting. It is considered very dangerous and there is a high chance for getting into trouble and being injured.

**   Grade 6 is nothing but beautiful chaos. There will be no control at all and you will have to embrace for your lives. It is only for the adrenaline junkies who dare to push the limits over their lives.

 Grade 1, rapids in Rishikesh

1.  Black money

2.  Sweet sixteen

3. Good morning

 Grade 2, rapids in Rishikesh

1.  Club house

2.  Initiation

3. Double trouble

4. Hilton

5. Terminator

6. Shivpuri rapid

Grade 3, rapids in Rishikesh

1.  Three blind mice

2.  Cross fire

3. Roller coaster

4. Golf course

5. Return to slender

6. Daniel’s dip

 Grade 4 rapid in Rishikesh

1.  The great wall

 Discover the raw wildness and beauty

Like mentioned above, the famous river rafting spots in Rishikesh are Sweet Sixteen, cross fire, The Blind Mice, Daniel Dip and The great Wall. All these courses differ in length and pace of the river. So, you will never get bored of river rafting in Rishikesh as there are multiple locations for river rafting. You can move from one location to other and have fun all day long. Apart from the river rafting courses, the Rishikesh is truly a beautiful place. During the white water river rafting in Rishikesh, you will be able to discover enchanting nature surrounding the banks of the stream. The surrounding nature consists of diverse plants and trees that give a pleasant feel for the eyes. You will like you have entered into some magical place while rafting through this beautiful place. There is no doubt that, Rishikesh and the river Ganga is a true blessing from the god, for its unmatched beauty.

Rishikesh Rafting

Choose the best course that is suitable for you

There are so many private agencies in Rishikesh that offer white water rafting. You have to be very careful while choosing among these agencies. Not all of these agencies may have expert guides and enough safety gears for a safe river rafting. So, always choose safe and reputed river rafting agencies even if the package cost is high, because your life is more important and costs more than anything in this planet. An interesting feature of the river rafting at this place is that the rafting may start from multiple points and eventually and up at the Rishikesh.  The rafting length ranges from 2 kilo meters to 40 kilometers. So, you get to choose between different length courses for the river rafting. During the rafting course, you are given a wonderful opportunity to get to know the nature better. Most of the wildlife and plantation exists on the banks of the rivers. So while doing river rafting through the River Ganga in Rishikesh, you will be able to see a lot of the wildlife that you haven’t seen before in your entire life so far. Hence white water river rafting at Rishikesh is recommended to all those who are in love with the nature and are willing to discover the true wildness and beauty of the nature.

Treat the rivers very well

In the northern India, the rivers have a lot of historic and legendary significance. The River Ganga is considered as a goddess. You must always keep this in mind and should treat the river as a goddess because; rivers are a gift from the nature. Try to avoid the usage of the plastic and do treat the rivers well. Please don’t try to make a negative impact on the nature after performing the river rafting. Try to keep the river and the surrounding clean always so that, great river rafting will still be possible for the generations to come.

rafting in India

Don’t forget to have fun

Last but not the least, the most important thing you should do in river rafting at Rishikesh is to smile and have fun. The fun and enjoyment is the ultimate aim of any adventure sport. So what is the point in going to an adventure with fear and panic? It will be a huge disappointment if all you do is panic and get tensed while doing the river rafting. Simply put, river rafting is simple. But it is also powerful at the same time. You are given a chance to flow with the river. The only thing left to do is to take a deep breath and watch the beautiful surroundings as you pass by.  Try to enjoy the maximum as possible. But always remain in the safety limits. If the instructions are followed properly, you can make the river rafting in India a memorable experience.

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