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Treks You Should Go For, Before Summer Arrives

Mumbai is blessed with vast and mighty Sahyadri Mountains surrounding it. It’s astonishing heights gives you wings to feel like a bird. The untamed greenery leaves you spellbound and mesmerized by its beauty of a heavenly nature. With good Rail and road connectivity, one can easily go for a quick weekend getaway out of its regular city blues. From the lush greenery in monsoon to Fields of Gold in winter, these mountains change itself seemingly according to the time of the year. Summer months are quite hot and it is not at all recommended to trek in this season. While February has already arrived and summer is nearing, we want you to enjoy these mountains rich with history and Mythology before you hang up your boots for the next 3 months.

1) The Beautiful Caves of Gorakhgad

At a height of 2140 ft, Gorakhgad offers a 360 degree view of the vast Sahyadri ranges of Naneghat-Dhakoba to the east, Ahupe ghat to the south and Siddhagad to the south-west. Gorakgad is just 100kms away from Mumbai, off Ahmadnagar – Kalyan road.

 Beautiful Caves of Gorakhgad

Why you should go? :-  The trek offers good opportunity for rock climbing. You can try your hand, even if you are a novice. It’s a steep climb through the huge rock starts to get almost vertically upwards on the steps made. This adds to the adventure of the trek. There is enough availability water and Caves, which can accommodate approx 50 people.

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2) The Thrilling Trek to Vikatgad

Vikatgad, also known as Peb fort is again an adventure trek giving ample of opportunities for rock climbing. Lying in the karjat range of Matheran, Peb fort is the closest to Mumbai with just 60 kms away.

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Trek to Vikatgad

Why you should go? :-  Goddes Pebi devi (Peb) first welcomes you with its beautiful open fields giving the first glimpse of itself. As you start the trek, it first takes you in its arms through dense forest like a mother. You further climb its shoulders, reaching to its fort. When you just thought that you have finally reached you realize, Oh! It also has a head! And then you climb further to reach the top at a height of 2100ft where a temple is also located. It is recommended to try a different route while returning. The route going towards Matheran on the other side is equally thrilling!

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3) The Mythological Ajobagad

Ajoba which means grandfather in Marathi – a term that Luv and Khush used to address Saint Valmiki. Ajobagad is one of the Highest Peaks in Sahyadri Ranges with a total height of 4511ft.


Why you should go? :-  Ajobagad has something to offer for everyone. It is graded as a medium level trek which will put your endurance to test. The path is rock filled. Some places there are no footholds to climb up & you require someone to pull you up. Yes, fellow rock climbers, control your excitement! It has lots of stories to be told. Its deep history will fascinate you with a proof of Luv & Kush’s footprints which can still be found today. It is also believed that Saint Valmiki’s Samadhi in the hill increases in size every few years, visit it yourself to believe it!

Note – There is no vehicle going back after 5:00pm!

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4) The Magnetic Konkan Kada

Imagine that you have been climbing a mountain for hours. Once you finally reach on the top, you discover a natural phenomenon that is just little further. The place is so irresistible and magnificent that you want to spend hours and hours there. But then you realize that you have to trek down to reach on time. With a heavy heart you go back. How about camping at such a place? We are talking about a cliff called konkan kada which is accessible only by trekking through Harishchandrgad.

Treks at Konkan Kada

Why you should go? :-  The Kokan kada cliff is not only vertical but also over-hanged like a hood of a cobra.  This nature architecture is beyond description. The sunset here is majestic and not everyone gets to experience this. Camping here is all together a very different experience and our organized tours will help you to enjoy this!

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5) The Ancient Toll Booth Of Naneghat Pass

Roads are built by humans and tolls are collected to ride vehicles on them. In ancient times rocks were cut down and tolls were collected from humans to pass through them! Naneghat is one such example. Naneghat is self explanatory as ‘Nane’ means coin while ‘Ghat’ stands for ‘pass’.

Night Trek to Naneghat Caves

Why you should go? :-  The highlight of this trek is the ancient cave, said to be commissioned by a woman ruler Naganika, probably to serve as a resting place for the traders who used this route. The rock cut stairs surrounded by huge rock walls on either side add to its allure.

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6) Ajneri, The Birthplace Of Pawan Putra

First a place of lord shiva devotee, then birthplace of luv kush and now a birthplace of Lord Hanuman! Yes, its interesting to know that all this mythological places are so close to Mumbai and Ajneri is just beside Nasik.

Why you should do this trek?

The trek is easy as lots of cemented stairs has been made enroute. We can say it is more of an exploratory   trek rather than an adventurous one as it has lot of places to explore nearby.

Places to explore –

Mata Ajneri temple – dedicated to the mother of Lord Hanuman.

Sitas caves – Seeta – wife of Lord Ram had come to visit mother of Lord Hanuman and stayed in this cave. There are many beautiful carvings inside Seeta cave.

Anjaneri fort – After a small walk, there is a huge amazing pond. One could take a swim or a deep dive. Also, there was a fresh water spring with drinkable water.

Nearby – Pandav Leni Caves are a group of 24 – 30, 1200-year-old Hinayana Buddhist caves. The name of the caves originates from the legend about Pandavas.

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7) The Mysterious Sandhan Valley

Sandhan is surrounded by many famous forts, including Ratangad, famous trio {Alang-Madan-Kulang} ,Harishchandragad and the highest peak of Maharashtra “Kalsubai”. A walk down the narrow valley with only mountain walls on the both the side makes it exciting.

Sandhan Valley Treks

Why you should do the trek :-  When sun rays starts entering into the valley the entire valley gets decorated with shadows, they create some beautiful shades on the rocks and walls. While trekking, you have to cross 2 water ponds. 1st water pond contains water upto knee level, and in second pond water level is up to the chest i.e  4.5-5 feet. These two hurdles make’s the trek more exciting. At the end of the trek, you have to rappel down rock patches which is a thrilling experience.

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8) A Simple One Day Trek to Prabalgad

Prabalgad is one the easy treks on the Matheran range near Mumbai. Its base village called Prabalmachi itself needs to be trekked. The view from here is very scenic and has Serendipity beauty. Watch out for your bags! Its b force of wind can swipe it down the jungle valley.

Trek To Prabalgad

Why you should go? :- A pinnacle called Kalavanti durg looks very photogenic from prabalgad top. There is also a provision of Food and stay at Prabalmachi.

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