Hampta Pass Trek

Escape To The Natural Wonders Of Hampta Pass Trek For A Memorable Experience

Every year, tourists and travelers plan for holidays to places that are explored for an invigorating experience and memoirs. Hampta is such place and an ideal one for trekking. Trekking is like or even. And only the ones having such a positive habit can create best out of their lives. Hampta Pass Trek is one such name to it. Your way provides attractive views and ever modifying scenery along the way. Adding to it, the camping places also are incredibly placed. If it is to be said that every turn is an awaiting surprise over the journey, there would be nothing wrong. Due to all the convenient and attractive features, this journey rather provides itself as on frosting over your favourite flavourful dessert. A trip that gives pleasure and peace at the same time can be a rewarding experience. Hampta Pass Trek is a name that you can explore with so much to gain internally in the right season.

Hampta pass trek is the newbie’s pleasure in every way quick access, heavy pine forest, amazing meadows, exhilarating river crossings and a high altitude mountain pass known as Hampta pass. It got its name from the Hampta town and shepherds and villagers used this pass to enter in Lahaul Spiti Valley of Himachal. This was a traditional alternative path between Lahaul and Kullu Valley before the road was made over Rohtang Pass.

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Hampta Pass Trek

It’s a moderate trek with an opportunity of combining a lot of other experience activities to fit different length and interest of trekkers. It begins from the Prini town and requires us to the spectacular foothills of The Great Himalayas, the PirPanjal Range which is the biggest range of the lower Himalayas. Over this trek one will see different shades of nature as you gain altitude from heavy green pine forests to awe motivating view of Mt. Deo Tibba and Mt. Indrasan and their snaking down snow to the dry scenery of Lahaul and Spiti Valley.

The Hampta Pass Trek goes through heavy timberland forest of pine, oak and pine plants; rich high glade field befuddled by numerous cottages nestled in the hills and various little streams. All though the whole journey is simple to moderate, but when it embarks upon a steep ascent in Hampta Pass from Balu Ka Gera, it seems to be the worst. The routes at particular amounts become the filter and appealing whenever you step on to the heavy bed of snow, and extra the trail decelerates. The trail, which will be among the high altitude treks in the Himalayan region that are Indian, extends metres.

Hampta Pass Trek

How To Acclimate To The Sacred Valley

From a degree of 2, 050 metres to 4, 268 the particular trail starts from Prini, which will be a couple of hours of drive from Manali. To PanduRopa through the town of Saythen the trail leads from Prini. From a certain point on this trail, you can get the gorgeous view of the Kullu Valley. The path of PanduRopa provides on to Chikka, that’s further 5 – Six hours of trek constant through heavy forest and meadows spread with colourful blooms. BaluKa Gera subsequently follows the trek to Hampta Pass and afterward descends to Chattru. From Chattru the course turns to Solang, which will be an outing that is steep then and downhill wheels to Manali. The Trek is a stand apart amongst the most wonderful treks in the Manali area of Himachal Pradesh. It is a direct trek with a degree for modifying the length to fit one’s time. The difference of this trek regular the scene changes.

The striking highlight of any trek including traversing over a pass into the Lahaul/Spiti region is the truly amazing comparison in scenery that one gets to have fun with and is similar in this regard. We begin from absolutely lavish natural valleys of Kullu & Manali and land up in a semi-arid area of the Lahaul valley. This excellent trail is meant for everyone, right from fit/adventurous first timers to seasoned hikers. The pass itself is very welcoming and presents fewer difficulties compared to some of its rivals but is in no way a piece of dessert. Hampta Pass Chandratal trek is quite intriguing and reasonably challenging gradually with the difficulty of the pass being controlled by different climate conditions. You will be required to cross the reasonably high Hampta pass (4300m), do a few river crossings, camping in complete forests and move very long periods on certain days. Your way to Hampta pass provides unrivalled variety & enjoyment all along the trail to take care of any fatigue that might set in.

It starts from the gorgeous Manali area with a short drive from Manali town getting us to the place to begin the trek. It would be better to reach Manali a day prior to the journey. We endorse this for proper acclimatization. Also, you get an opportunity to understand more about Manali to get some here we are at Manali trekking. We also have an awesome guesthouse in Manali.

hampta pass

Read Through On How To Nail The Itinerary For Trek

Day 1 : Drive from Manali to Jobri & Trek from Jobri to Chika : We will begin our drive from Manali cab stand to Jobra the place to begin for the Hampta Pass Trek. The drive requires around 2 hours through towns like Panduropa, Hampta etc and check post of Allan Duhangan Hydro Power Project. Jobri is the place to begin of the trek where our trek leader will brief you about the dos and don’ts during the journey and safety guidelines. The initial aspect of the journey is through heavy woodlands of Pine, Oak, Maple plants and then trek for some time alongside the river. After traversing the river over wood made bridges, after that, there is a little climb and you will get to the camping ground Chika. Relax at camping and enjoy your taste buds with a delicious hot meal prepared by our team. Overnight stay is planned here.


Day 2 : Trek from Chika to BaluKa Gera : It’s a fascinating day’s hike nowadays. We cross the river soon after the campsite and begin getting the size and shifting towards a stuffing area towards the right side moving along the river. We will move through Boulder segments, meadows filled with wildflowers, cross a waterfall and a side river which might require careful handling to reach our campsite for the day, Balu-ka-Gheera. This hike will take about 3.5 to 4 hrs with a few breaks in between. This campsite is a network of river channels and has big hills protecting it on all sides. Our guides might also take the decision to move for an extra hour and reach an upper campsite generally known as by the same name. This will create next day’s go up a bit smaller. We rest and relax at the campsite and get billed for the next day’s go up to Hampta pass.

hampta pass trekking

Day 3 : Trek from BaluKa Gera to SiaGoru via Hampta Pass : The trail goes along the flow which is covered by tiny light red and yellow blossoms. The trail from BaluKa Gera to Shea Goru is moderately steep with a final sharp descent. If you trek during summer, you will discover a lot of snowfall; else you may see a few snowfall areas. You will reach Shea Goru in about 2 hours. Camp overnight, besides the river at Shea Goru. It has so much natural beauty that cannot be described in words. It is a perfect place to click some fantastic images. Booths are provided on the way where you can take some rest. About 14000 feet above the sea level is Lahaul which you will reach after leaving behind Hampta Pass. It is extremely essential for you to start little early for the trekking today. Keep yourself left of the valley which you will trek full day. It totally relies upon on the length of trekking but sometimes if you look back all you can see is some snow bridges. Maintaining left is the ultimate object of this journey, and you will keep it until you reach Hampta pass. Trekking in Hampta pass just drives you crazy as it is one of the most fantastic experiences you can have.


Day 4 : Trek from SiaGoru to Chatru : The day has an easy downhill trek. The scenery throughout the way is dry with deserts and bumpy scenery of hills of PirPranjal and Spiti ranges. Chatru is the confluence point for three routes namely Spiti Valley, Rohtang pass and Hampta pass. If the climate is positive and favourable for a wonderful plan, the day can be ongoing to stay at the campsite along Chandratal, the moon shaped lake, a paradise to beat. People in love with water view will love the place. The blue water of the river and the nearby hills present amazing view to the eyes and they will remain in your memories forever. Otherwise, chatru provides as the camp location for the night.

hampta pass trek

Day 5 : Drive from Chatru to Manali : Depart from Chatru/Chandratal to Manali in the morning hours by taxis. Many travel companies will plan this itinerary and arrange vehicles to drop trekkers back to Manali. It will take about 4-6 hours to reach Manali based on the condition of the streets. From Manali take the vehicle for your onward journey. The Hampta Pass Trek can be very getting out of but it is necessary to be fit if you desire to have fun with the trekking experience. Many winter camps often recommend people to undertake a strict regime before taking part in the trek.

In five days, a traveler will have the every bit of luxury and serenity that need no mention. Surrounded by the Himalayas, nothing can beat the beauty of this place with natural scenery and beauty mesmerizing to the eyes and soul. Trip with friends and colleagues can be fun. More memorable it can be with family. What can be a better way to spend some time with family amidst the natural abode? Heaven is an understatement for the trek as one can enjoy every second of life there with air fresh as dew drops and trees lush green.

hampta pass trek

Moreover, camping is a way to enjoy life in the most adventurous way. Many families have planned trekking here in the past for an awesome experience and blissful trek. Of course, the trek can be tiring and exhausting but what truly matters is the experience that one earns on the journey.

Being close to Manali, a beauty in the state of Himachal Pradesh, most of the people do decide for the Hampta Pass Trek so that two birds can be killed with one stone. Isn’t that a deal worth it? Nature lovers love to visit Hampta every year for an enriching experience of the mind and soul. Many people also prefer this place for soul cleansing activity.

Hampta Pass Trek

Last Words Before You Decide

Now that you have known about the trek of Hampta, you are almost excited about your travel plans. Few things to keep in mind before you head to the place. In short, tips for a favourable journey.

  • Carry clothes that are warm in nature because the weather is unpredictable and you never know when you start shivering.
  • Carry small items like a rain coat, gum boots, water bottles, extra trekking shoes etc.
  • Carry a map which is a must for every travel you make. That keeps one from being more aware of a place.
  • Before you do the booking of the travel itinerary, know about the weather conditions. If it is frequently raining, consider postponing the plans.
  • Talk to the booking agents about the place and the stay there. You don’t want to be in thick soup after reaching the place. Do you?

No matter, what it takes to make your travel secure, make it! There is nothing better than planning ahead of time so that you are well aware of the situation, you calculate the budget, plan the travel and make your reservations in advance.

You either plan to fail or fail to plan, the choice is yours. For an exquisite travel experience in Hampta Pass Trek, every planning is worth it and every penny spent is worth investment. You are investing into a world that gives you immense sense of satisfaction and beauty within that will keep you positive for ages.

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