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Scale The Mountains And Spend The Winters In The Lap Of The Himalayan Ranges

Blankets of snow as the view, teeth  cold in the air and enchanting mountains

Who would not want to trek and live in such a paradise?

With winter around the corner, the doors of reasons to plan a winter holiday have opened more. But, rather than to just hope on the ride to witness the chilled weather, the experience of being a part of an adventurous activity like trekking in the Himalayan ranges is more fulfilling.

Nag Tibba Trek

nag tibba 1

Dehradun- Nag Tibba Camp site- Nag Tibba top base-  Nag Tibba base camp- Pantwari

Dwelled at the Garhwal Himalayas, the Nag Tibba also called Serpents Peak is the highest peak of the Nag Tibba range. The ranges serve you with breathtaking views of  Kedarnath peak, the Gangotri group of peaks, Doon valley and the snow peaks of Changabang. And what adds up to this trail of experience is camping at this view. And the best part about this journey is that it takes 2 days to complete this trek. This means all it takes is a winter weekend to see the rich flora and fauna and beautiful sight of mountains from one to another. The cost for the Nag Tibba trek is around 6000 INR which comprises the expense of food, camping, and guide.

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Chadar Trek

chadar trek cost

If you a fan of daredevil activities and love majestic yet risk-taking trips, this one is for you. Chandar trek is one of the difficult treks which only happen in the winter seasons, and yet it’s appeal attracts flocks of people from all over the world. One has to cross through the frozen Zanskar River.

The nine-day trek is filled with thrilling experiences. The trek begins from Leh and lets you walk through the layer of ice that covers the cold gushing waters of the Zanskar River. And further, the trail takes you through the valley of snow walls.

And this lifetime experience costs for 25000 INR.

Top Uttarakhand Treks To Spend The Winters In The Lap Of The Himalayan Mountains

Winter Kuari Pass Trek


Located at the hap of Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh’s Kauri Pass is a treasure full of jaw-dropping serene. The place offers one of the best trekking experience in the world with it Garhwal region’s beauty, and abundant flora and fauna. To trek through the Kuari Pass mountain with the backdrop of Rishi gorge is a surreal treat. The journey not only lets you explore the beauty of places but also live the rich culture of Haridwar, Joshimath and other places. It takes 6 days and costs 11000 INR to scale the hill valley.

Hamta Circle Trek

Hamta Circle

Manali is often the first name the is uttered when asked for a winter holiday destination in India. But often, the trip is restricted at sightseeing and staycations in spite of it having some fabulous place like Hamta Circle for trekking.

The moment the trek begins, it welcomes you with apple orchids and to see them painted on the lush green mellows of the mountains is tranquil. The place also lets you visit several temples of different places and know their culture. The highlight of this trek is the camping site that camp at the place where you see the view of the entire village. And to see this village lighten up in the dark sky amidst the mountains is a surreal experience.

The Hamta Circle trek costs around 9000 INR and takes 4 days to complete.

Author: Radhika Shah

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