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Top Uttarakhand Treks To Spend The Winters In The Lap Of The Himalayan Mountains

With monsoon coming to an end, and the (almost) holiday months arriving at the doorsteps, our mind cannot help but think of escaping somewhere. The days of October to December in India are full of extended holidays, thanks to all our festivals, and the beginning of the winter chills being the cherry on the cake. And North India, (Uttarakhand being the top) is the most common impulsive answer when asked for holiday destinations in the winter. But to hunt for some offbeat places in North which are not commonly explored and which challenge the adrenaline rush is a task. And to make the task a bit easier, here are some places that might help to pick the next winter holiday destination.

Uttarakhand, the jaw-dropping beauty of North India is beyond its pilgrimage sites. Residing near the Himalayas, it is a gem of some stunning treks.

Binsar Trek


When you have seldom days in hands, but a highly fuelled mind to travel, Binari Trek is the perfect option. The peak of the Binsar Trek is 4 hours from the main station Kathgodam. And reaching Kathgodam is a cakewalk from Dehradun and Delhi. And the best part about this one is that it takes only two days to complete the trek. What makes this place different from the rest is that it’s easy for a beginner where one can be delighted with the panoramic view of the Mighty Himalayas. The journey of the trek serves two purposes. One being able to visit the 9th to 13th century AD’s Jageshwar Temple (for all the fans of historic places) and the other for the nature lover who can witness the rich flora, Oak, Pine, Deodar, Rhododendrons to name a few and later cherish the experience of trekking through the wildlife sanctuary.


Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Winter Trek 15

If planning for a longer trek, with more days in hand, Kauri Pass Trek is one of the best choices as it’s also the favorite spot for adventure seekers. Though this trek can be accomplished in summers and winters both, it’s the winters that make it better with its snow, which paints a beautiful landscape filled with alpine trees. Located in the Garhwal region, the place which lives in the lap of the Himalayas is a bundle of a rich ecosystem. The trek ensures that you live and breadth different culture and its aroma every moment. It takes you to different places to reach its peak, from Haridwar, Joshimath, Gulling Top, Talli Forest Camp, you cross them all to experience the surreal beauty of Kauri Pass.


Treks In The Himalayan Region That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Valley of Flowers


You might wonder, why the Valley of Flowers is in the list. Well, the fact that it is famous all over for its abandon flora and fauna is new. Flocks of people from the current generation must have seen the colour pallet, but it is yet not that popular, as it’s worth should be. And the trek to this paradise not only leads you to the blooming flowers but also explore the other places like Ghangaria, Hemkund, Joshimath. It is an unreal view of seeing the natural landscape full of alpine flowers amidst the backdrops of Himalayan ranges. This place is not less than a paradise for a nature and photography lovers as it gives them an opportunity to see the pleasant beauty of flowers in real.


Kedarnath Trek


You must have heard about this one a couple of times, and some even must have experienced the beauty of the place. Kedarnath Peak is an adventurous destination located in the vicinity of Har ki Dun valley. It is the splendid beauty of the Himalayas that attracts people towards Kedarnath. With the moderate level of difficulty, the trek comprises the distance of 20 km in total to relish the mountains and its serenity. It is the challenges while trekking that make one feel more confident. With 5 days in hand, it leads you to a  different experience of the mountains which makes you surrender to its peace.


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