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Six Popular Trekking Destinations For Enjoying A Great Adventure Near Bangalore

For most people living in and around Bangalore, trekking is one of the most preferred weekend activities. It not only provides them the much needed relief from their stressful and hectic life in the city but also provides them with an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The trend is further popularized by the presence of several magnificent destinations for trekking near Bangalore. Whether the trekkers prefer a long, overnight adventure or are enthusiastic about catching a glimpse of the sun rising from the top of lofty mountains, there are several destinations to satisfy all these needs and expectations. Given below are six popular destinations for people looking forward to enjoying a great trek in Bangalore and its surrounding areas.

Kanakpura Nature Camp

Kanakapura Nature Camp

The Kanakpura nature camp enables the participants to enjoy the amazing experience of trekking amidst the gorgeous mountains of the Bananthimari hills. The camp is located on the banks of the beautiful lake of Hosadoddi, which skirts the Bananthimari hills. The nature adventure camp in Kanakpura provides a perfect weekend getaway option for people looking to spend quality time with family and friends. In addition to trekking, the participants can enjoy several other activities such as kayaking, rappelling and wildlife exploration. Managed by Life Tree Kanakpura, this camp is known to provide an awe-inspiring adventure experience to the participants.

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Kunti Betta Night Trek

sunrise at kunti betta

The magnificent hill of Kunti Betta is located in the Pandavpura taluk of Mandya district. The hill and the taluk named after the famous mythological characters from Mahabharta, features two rock hills surrounded by fields of paddy, sugarcane and coconut plantations. Kunti Beta night trek is an activity favoured by people who like the feel of adrenaline rushing through their veins.  The activity is thrilling enough to make the participants forget all their worries and stresses and enjoy the challenges of nature. This overnight adventure proves to be a complete package in itself for the participants with different experience levels. The biggest reward of Kunti Betta night trekking is the majestic view of the rising sun in the early morning from the top of the hills.

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Skandagiri Trek

skandagiri trekking

The ancient mountain fortress of Skandagiri is one of the most popular trekking destinations around Bangalore. In addition to enjoying the fun and thrill of Skandagiri trek, the participants of this activity can also experience the joy of bird watching. The destination is open for both day and night trekking activities, both of which attract countless adventure enthusiasts from not only Bangalore but other parts of India. In fact, Skandagiri trekking is one of the best options for people seeking a thrilling and relaxing weekend getaway near The IT City.

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Anthargange Trek And Caving

antharagange caves

Anthargange is perhaps one of the most mysterious and exciting trekking destinations near Bangalore. The Anthargange trek features a gradually ascending trail that passes through some of the most picturesque surroundings. The mesmerizing caves that the area is famous for are actually formed by several similar rocks placed one over the other. The Anthargange trek and caving provides a truly enthralling experience to the participants seeking to spend some relaxing and refreshing time in the lap of nature.

Ramanagara Trek

ramanagara trek

Ramanagara is perhaps one of the oldest and most popular trekking destinations located near Bangalore. The small town became popular after it came to be widely known as the shooting destination of the super-hit bollywoof movie, Sholay. The rough rugged terrain featuring huge boulders make it one of the best places to enjoy the thrill of trekking and rock climbing. Ramanagara trek can be enjoyed both during the day time and at night, with both the activities presenting the beauty of the region in completely different perspectives.

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Cycling In Bangalore

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The pleasant weather and the beautiful natural surroundings of Bangalore make it a perfect destination to enjoy the activity of cycling. In fact, several different cycling events in Bangalore organized all year round are known to attract thousands of participants. These events help the participants to relive the memories of their childhood in a more enthralling and fun filled manner. It is also possible for the adventure seekers to combine the activity of cycling in Bangalore with another equally popular activity of trekking for a truly great experience. In fact, many tour operators offer a combined package featuring both these activities to the interested participants at quite reasonable rates.
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