kunti betta night trekking

Night Trekking – A Perfect Way For Adventure Enthusiasts To Feel The Adrenaline Rush

Trekking is a complete adventure activity in itself, which is perhaps why its popularity has been constantly increasing over the years. In India, the activity has become especially popular due to the abundance of a wide range of trekking destinations across the country. Be it the majestic Himalayas or the pristine landscapes of the Western Ghats or even the diverse peaks in the southern regions, trekking enthusiasts can choose from a wide choice of options. When it comes to South India, Bangalore is the undisputed hub of various adventure activities, including trekking. There are several destinations for adventure enthusiasts to enjoy trekking in Bangalore district and its surroundings. Each of these destinations is suited to match the skill and chosen difficulty level of the participants. The fourteen most popular of these destinations for people seeking the thrill of night trekking near Bangalore India are described in brief as follows.

Nature Adventure Camp In Kanakpura With Water Sports


Located within the Banantimari State Forest, the nature adventure camp in Kanakpura, offers the perfect combination of adventure and thrill to relax the body and the mind of the participants. In addition to enjoying night trekking, the visitors to the camp can take part in various other activities, including water sports, in Lake Hosadoddi, on the banks of which the camp is located. An outing to the Kanakpura nature camp is just the perfect way to spend fun time with family and friends within a calm and soothing environment.

Kunti Betta Night Trek With Water Activities

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Kunti Betta or the Hill of Kunti is an extremely popular trekking destination known for its picturesque surroundings and dense vegetation. The Kunti Betta night trek proves to be a unique experience as it provides they get to enjoy much more than just conquering this twin peak during the trip. The magnificent view of the rising sun and the thrill of enjoying water sports in the Pandavapura Lake during the last leg of Kunti Betta night trekking make it a wholesome adventure experience.

Skandagiri Night Trekking


The rugged terrains of the Skandagiri trek, covered with dense undergrowth of grass and bushes, make for an enthralling night trekking adventure. The thrill of conquering this peak in the darkness of night and the waking up to the warming rays of the rising sun is simply unparalleled. The Skandagiri night trekking offers the participants with an opportunity to lose themselves amidst the treats of nature and feel completely refreshed and relaxed. It is just the right choice for people to spend time with family and friends in a fun filled manner.

Anthargange Night Trekking

Anthargange Night trek with Rappelling 8

Also known as the Kashi of South, Anthargange is one of the most sacred destinations near Bangalore that also offers the thrill of night trekking. The Anthargange trek takes the participants across some of the most beautiful rocky hills that form a part of the Shathashrunga mountain range. In addition to enjoying the excitement of traversing the rugged terrain at night, the participants also get an opportunity to explore the various caves during the Anthargange trek and caving expedition.

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Ramanagara Day Trek

Ramanagara Adventure corporate outing near Bangalore

Ramanagara is extremely renowned for its rugged rocky terrain and for being the shooting site of Bollywood blockbuster Sholay. While countless people visit this small little town located just outside Bangalore to enjoy the fun of Ramanagara day trek, an equal number come here to experience the thrill of night trekking. The somewhat barren landscape of the area holds a unique appeal that is quite unlike the other popular trekking destinations around the IT city. It provides a perfect way to relax and enjoy for people, who love adventure.

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Ravugodlu Night Trek With Go Karting


Despite being a relatively lesser known trekking destination near Bangalore, Ravugodulu is just the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing weekend. The trekking trail offers the participants a spectacular view of the dense and beautiful foliage of Bannerghatta forest. The trip proves to be an enthralling experience for the participants as they are able to enjoy much more than trekking. In fact, most people find the Ravugodlu night trek with go karting to be a wholesome and satisfying experience.

Acchalu Betta Night Trek

Achalu Betta Night Trek

Acchalu Betta is one of the lesser frequented trekking trails near Bangalore and hence offers all the beauty and grandeur of nature in its unspoiled form. The Acchalu Betta night trek is the perfect choice for people seeking to get away from the crowds milling around at popular trekking destinations. The sense of seclusion adds to the fun and thrill of traversing the relatively unfamiliar trail at night. Moreover, the lush green surroundings make the participants feel completely relaxed and refreshed.

Kaurava Kunda Night Trek


Named after the mythological characters of Kauravas and Pandavas, Kaurav Kunda peaks offer a perfect getaway for people seeking a break from their monotonous life. The Kaurava Kunda night trek enhances the feel of adventure and excitement even further as it provides the participants a unique opportunity to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature. The most amazing aspect of the whole adventure is the mesmerizing sight of the sun rising in the early morning and spreading its golden warmth and glow in the surroundings.

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Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek


Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a trekking destination that ensures complete relaxation and adventure for the participants with its lush green environments. The Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta trek has been simple yet challenging as it features the slippery pathway of the forest. The trek is especially enthralling at night time when the participants are surrounded by the nocturnal sounds and sights. In addition, the participants of Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta night trek get to enjoy the glitter of the city lamps glowing in the distance giving the feel of shimmering stars descended on earth.

Shivagange Night Trek


Travelling to the top of the Shivgange peak offers a great religious as well as adventure experience to the participants. The Shivaganga trek gets its name from the fact that the peak looks like a Shiva Linga, when viewed from one side. Shivaganga hills trekking is a great choice for people seeking a break from the stressful and hectic city life. In addition to enjoying the fun of day trekking, adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy the thrill of Shivgange night trek for a refreshing experience.

Makalidurga Night Trek

Makalidurga Night Trek 7

Makalidurga is a beautiful hill that makes for a wonderful trekking destination in the vicinity of Bangalore. The most picturesque aspect of the Makalidurga trek is the lake shaped like the continent of South America located on the western foothill. The Makalidurga fort located atop the hill provides a great space to camp out during the Makalidurga night trek. An old railway track passing along the base of the hill makes adds a vintage feel to the whole trekking experience making it truly unique.

Madhugiri Night Trek


As the second largest monolith of Asia, Madhugiri is one of the most exciting trekking destinations near Bangalore. Undertaking the Madhugiri trekking at night is one of the best ways to quench the thirst of adventure amongst the participants. The entire trek is full of countless opportunities to unravel the mysteries of nature and get the adrenaline rushing through the body. The Madhugiri fort located on top of the hill takes on a majestic appeal in the moonlight and this further enhances the thrill of the trip.

Muthurayanabetta Trek

Muthurayana 2

Muthurayanabetta is a perfect adventure hub in more than one way and hence proves to be a great getaway option for people who like to live on the edge. The participants of Muthurayanabetta trek also get to enjoy the fun of other activities such as rock climbing and rappelling etc. The night trek is often considered to be more exciting than the day trek as it enables the participants to enjoy the rugged beauty of the terrain in a unique manner.

Manchinbele Dam Trip Near Bangalore

Manchanbele dam night trek

The Manchinbele dam has emerged as a popular destination for family and corporate outings full of great fun and adventure. Located just on the outskirts of Bangalore city, the Manchanabele adventure camp offers a wide range of activities for the participants including trekking, rappelling and water sports.  People of all ages and experience levels can have great fun at this adventure camp set amidst pristine natural environment. In fact, the Manchanbele dam night trek is one of the most preferred options amongst people seeking a break from their hectic and monotonous city life. An outing to the camp proves to be extremely relaxing and refreshing for the participants and makes them feel completely stress free and re-energized.

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