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When in Bangalore, Walk All Night On These 14 Awesome Night Treks

“Roses are red, Mud is brown. The woods are better than any night in the town.” Trekking is an adventurous activity that rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. Being close to nature melts all the tensions of the city away.

So whenever the wanderlust hits you amidst the busy city life of Bangalore, it is a sign that it’s now time to put on your trekking shoes and go hiking in nature. There are many options for Night Trekking near Bangalore that gives you a chance to explore the nocturnal terrain of Western Ghats.

Trek 1 – Manchanabele Dam Night Trek

Manchinbele is a small water reservoir around 50 kms away from Bangalore. An ideal place to rejuvenate your senses, the series of adventures start with a short trek after which you go do water sports activities like Kayaking and Rappelling. An ideal place to arrange family get togethers and corporate events, it ensures a much needed break from all the mental activities and lift up your spirit with some energy packed activities.


The night trek takes up around one and a half hour, so it is advisable to start the trek around 1 am and reach the peak  till 2.30 to 3. Relax for a while, enjoy a beautiful sunrise and then head back to the basecamp. You can also take up a day trek.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 40 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Popular For : Night Trek, Backwaters, Hills, Rappelling and Kayaking


Trek 2 – Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura

Situated at 50 kms from Bangalore, this place is a full package. Not only you get to trek, but there are a lot of other activities that you can enjoy in order to utilise your time off work. This is without a doubt an ideal location for adventure freaks where they can set camps in a beautiful place, Bananthimari and trek on the hill range.

Nature Adventure Camp 1

The camping site is adorned with a beautiful lake with a picturesque site of mountains. Mouth watering isn’t it? The best thing about this place is that it is open all year round but the ideal time is post monsoon months when the true beauty of this place actually comes out in the form of lush green surroundings that are just so soothing to the eyes that you would never want to leave.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 55 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 638 metres (2093 feet)

Popular For : Lush Green Forests, history buffs, wildlife, Camp


Trek 3 – Kunti Betta Night Trek

Kunti Betta Night trekking is most famous for its connections with the Pandavas. The trail of this trek is set in the beautiful destination of Pandavpuri. It is said that Pandavas spent a considerable amount of time here when they were on exile.


The night trekking in this place is gaining much popularity thanks to a  beautiful view one enjoys while walking at night with moonlight lighting up the path for the trekkers. The next best thing is once you reach the top, you get to see the most beautiful sunrise ever. The trek is easy and so is suitable for beginners as well as non trekkers.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 122 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 2880 feet

Popular For : Night Trek, Nature, Lake

Bangalore The Best City To Explore The Beauty Of Nature

Trek 4 – Skandagiri Night Trekking

This night trek is one of the most popular among the adventure junkies. People  keep coming back for that beautiful site of sunrise and enjoying the bonfire after reaching at the top. Located at a distance of 70 kms from Bangalore, people frequently choose this as a weekend getaway.


The trail is 8 kms long and is covered in denses bushes and grass. At night the dew adds to the already slippery nature of the trail so be very careful while you walk.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 61 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 4430 feet

Popular For : Night Trek, Camping, Sunrise View


Trek 5 – Anthargange Night Trekking

Anthargange Night trek 12

I prefer to call it Anthargange Trek and Caving. Anthargange trek is the series of caves carved from the volcanic rocks. This trek is for those who are up for enjoying multiple facets of nature. Exploring the caves night is really overwhelming and fills you with a sense of gratitude towards mother Earth. So cave into this trekking adventure and plan that long awaited adventure with your friends.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 80 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Easy to Moderate

Average Elevation : 4050 feet

Popular For : Caves, Night Trek, Camping


Trek 6 – Ramanagara Day Trek


Now this one is not exactly a night trek but you can enjoy a night simply relaxing in a camp and dancing with your friends around bonfire. Okay, taking a pause, did something else cross your mind when I mentioned Ramanagara? Yes, you are absolutely right. This is where the shooting of the famous Bollywood movie, Sholay took place. This trek sure is a paradise for adventure lovers as it is full of several moderately-high hills and rugged valleys.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 55 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate to Difficult

Average Elevation : 3000 feet


Trek 7 – Ravugodlu Night Trek With Go Karting


This easy night trek is a 3 km hike and would take you to the hill top near Ravugodlu village. The trail is a amalgamation of forests and rocks. Once reached at the summit which could be done in 2 hours you can tuck yourself around a  campfire and enjoy witnessing the surroundings getting filled with morning colors. Once you descend, you can go for go karting before heading back to the city.

Trek 8 – Acchalu Betta Night Trek

timthumb (1)

One of the USP of this trek  is that it’s trail is not known to all and hence for those looking for some quiet and solitude, this is the place for you to go and enjoy the company of nature. The  hilltop is covered with shrubs and the trail has not suffered the effects of human intervention making it even more popular among nature enthusiasts. So enjoy the next trek to this pristine place.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 75 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Popular For : Night Trek, Muneshwar Temple, Sunrise View


Trek 9 – Kaurava Kunda Night Trek

kaurava-kunda-hills (1)

Now this one is purely for the adventure junkies out there as this is  not an easy trek. Again a lesser disturbed trail, it is  a perfect place for someone seeking seclusion from both tensions and people of the city. The twin hills have derived their name from the mythological characters of Mahabharata – Kauravas and Pandavas. It is a perfect place to satiate that fire of adventure in you.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 75 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 250 meters

Popular For : Night Trek, Nature’s sights, Sunrise View, Lustrous Greenery


Trek 10 – Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek


A 2 hour drive from Bangalore, this place is gives you a unique experience of walking into the forests. The height of the hill is 3000 meters and is a part of Eastern Ghats. The Trail starts from Koonala Doddi. From the top, one can enjoy the view of BM betta, KabbaLa durga and the Kanakapura range. So enjoy this night trek and go on this exciting getaway.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 75 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 3780 feet

Popular for : Nature


Trek 11 – Shivgange Hills Trekking


Shivgange or Shiv’s Ganga trek is also popularly known as Dakshina Kashi. It has an extreme religious significance amongst the locals. As much as it popular for day trekking, Shivagange Night Trek is gaining a lot of footfall at night as well. The shimmering light of thousands of stars make this trek even more exciting and rejuvenating.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 54 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 804.8 meters or 2640.3 feet

Popular For : Trekking, Rock Climbing, River Kumudvathi


Trek 12 – Makalidurga Night Trek

Makalidurga Night Trek 28

Makalidurga trek gives the ancient feel along with satisfying your hunger for natural beauty. Starting the trek around 1 am, you can enjoy the stars and the blue sky while walking towards the hilltop. In between the trek, there comes two rocks where you can do activities like rock climbing and have fun. In the morning, enjoy that beautiful sunrise and come back completely rebuffed.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 61 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 4430 feet

Popular For : Night Trek, Views


Trek 13 – Madhugiri Night Trek

Madhugiri Night Trek

It is known for many more things than just trekking though. But nonetheless, it is there in the bucket list of the travel junkies. The trek to Madhugiri peak is moderate to difficult as the trail involved is steep on the way up. Apart from trekking, there is also a Madhugiri fort which is worth paying a visit.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 106 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 3930 feet

Popular for : Fort, Views

Trek 14 – MuthurayanaBetta trek

Muthurayana 2

Situated on Bangalore Kanakapura Highway, this place is full of rocky mountain ranges. There is a also a private lake towards the end. The other end of the mountain is covered by forest ranges. You can also do rock climbing here. This is the most popular trekking site after Ramanagar and is completely fit for the total beginners.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 70 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Popular For : Trekking, Rock Climbing, Wildlife, Rappelling, natural walk, Lake

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