Night Treks at skandagiri

Skandagiri – A Perfect Weekend Getaway For Trekking Enthusiasts

When it comes to finding a perfect weekend getaway near Bangalore, most adventure and nature lovers prefer the picturesque destination of Skandagiri. Located in the Nandi Hill ranges, at a distance of about 68 kms from Bangalore, the historic hill fort of Skandagiri is also famous by the name of Kalwarebett. It is one of the most loved destinations for trekking near Bangalore that offers a perfect break from the busy and stressful city life and transports the participants into a calm and peaceful environment. The trek which was closed for the past months has now been reopened, enabling adventure enthusiasts with various trekking options described below.

Hiking To Skandagiri

Skandagiri hiking is a day long trip that is usually commenced after breakfast in the morning. The total hiking distance is 8 kms moderate to tough difficulty level, which makes it important for the participants to be physically and mentally fit.

Hiking To Skandagiri

Hiking to Skandagiri commences from the Papagni Temple, which is located at the foothills of the Kalwara village. The participants get to see a majestic view of the fortress located on the peak at a height of 1350m above sea level, through the entire hiking trail. The trail itself passes through a maze of dense shrubs which can be quite intriguing.

Upon reaching the top, hikers often feel mesmerized by the sight of old fortress, which despite being in a dilapidated condition reflects the majestic appeal it once held. There is also an old abandoned Shiva temple at the top where the hikers can relax and enjoy the view of their magnificient surroundings.

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Adventure Tours at Skandagiri

Skandagiri Night Trekking

Skandagiri is one of the few destinations in India, where trekking enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite activity during the nighttime as well.  The Skandagiri night trek offers a panoramic view of the night sky and the sunrise, which make the trip truly enthralling in every sense. Before commencing the trek, participants are briefed by the experts about the various challenges and difficulties they might face.

The trek commences around midnight and depending on the speed of the participant, they can reach the peak between 2:00 – 2:30 AM. The trekking trail passes through a rugged terrain, which is why the participants must strictly adhere to the safety guidelines and avoid any unnecessary risks to their own well being and that of other participants. Upon reaching the peak the participants relax around a bonfire that also provides warmth in the cool surroundings.

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Skandagiri Night Trekking

The trekkers can doze off in their sleeping bags until around five am, when the mesmerizing view of the rising sun makes the forget the difficulties and challenges of Skandagiri trekking  and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. Once the sun rises fully, the participants begin their trek down the hill and are served breakfast at the base camp.

Skandagiri Day Trek with Rappelling

Skandagiri is a multi-faceted trekking destination near Bangalore which is a major reason for its growing popularity amongst adventure enthusiasts. Apart from providing a great hiking and night trekking experience, it is also a great place to enjoy a day long trekking and rappelling activity.

The Skandagiri day trek offers a splendid view of the not only the surrounding hills but also the magnificent vistas spread at the foothills. Being surrounded by dense forests, the participants of Skandagiri day trek often makes the trekkers feel relaxed and rejuvenated even after going through an exhausting climb.

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Skandagiri Day Trek

What makes the day trekking in Skandagiri even more interesting is that participants can also enjoy rappelling making it’s a two-in-one adventure trip. The rough terrain of the trekking trail makes it perfect for a fun filled rappelling experience. Towards the end of the expedition, the participants can also get to see an amazing view of the setting sun.
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