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14 Exciting Treks Near Bangalore

The hectic schedules, mundane lives and the stressed bodies definitely need a break from time to time to enable us to face the tough and rough life again. The best thing these days is that the people themselves are very excited about adventure activities and offbeat treks.

Bangalore, which is also known as The Garden City of India, is famous for being located quite close to various destinations offering a wide range of adventure activities. This proves to be a great blessing for the people living in the city, as they can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing getaway without venturing too far from their home city.

The plethora of options for both these things near Bangalore is awesome. The tired and fatigued muscles of the IT employees will surely get some relief from trekking and going for these adventure activities. There is nothing like a delightful small trek on the outskirts of your city to rejuvenate your senses and your mind.

  1. The Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura:

The Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura is an ideal location for all the adventure freaks. The camp is set in the Banantimari State Forest area and is surrounded all around by greenery.

Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura With Water Sports

This picture perfect location is bordered by a lake and a mountain. Trekking on the Banantimari hill range is a great experience. More than a trek, this place is great for camping and doing some adventure activities. It is located at a distance of 50 km from Bangalore. The lake of Hosadoddi is located inside it. Trekkers can explore this area and find some historical ruins and enjoy the wildlife present here. The beauty of the mountains make the trekking experience special.

The camp is a hit for corporate training, college fun, family outings and team visits. Some of the activities available here are kayaking, canoeing, recruiting a paddle rat etc. There are also activities like ice walk, acid walk, tent pitching, zip lining, bonfire and coracle riding to satisfy the adventurer in you. Even though the camp is open round the year, the best time to enjoy the true beauty of the area is during the post-monsoon months.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 55 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 638 metres (2093 feet)

Popular For : Lush Green Forests, history buffs, wildlife, Camp


  1. Ramnagara:

Ramnagara is located at just a distance of 50 km from the IT hub! This place definitely offers some beautiful treks. Besides trekking, Ramanagara also offers a host of adventure activities. You can go beyond the usual activities and test your physical strength by doing rappelling and jummaring. Rock climbing and chimney climbing are also amongst the options.

Ramanagara Day Trek

With those with a thirst for more, you would certainly be happy about the option of mountain biking, go carting (atv ride) and high rope traverse. Target shooting is also amongst the wide range of options.

For the water lovers, you can simply go swimming or kayaking. Ramnagara has a small surprise of a cave which you can explore and take in. You can perform any of the activities during the day, and at night you can just relax at the camp and bonfire. These options make it just the right choice for team building activities. Thus Ramnagara is as good as an adventure capital and a favourite haunt of several corporates.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 55 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate to Difficult

Average Elevation : 3000 feet


  1. Kuntibeta Trek:

For people who want to enjoy a unique trekking experience near Bangalore, Kunti Betta is the perfect destination. This is one trekking spot which is easy to climb and also there are water adventure sports while coming down thus providing ample relaxation.

The trekking trail over here is located in the picturesque destination of Pandavpura, and is known for its association with the Pandavas, characters from the Hindu mythological epic of Mahabharata. It is believed that during their exile, the Pandavas spent a consider able amount of time in the region.

sunrise  at kunti betta

Kunti Betta is a place which comprises of two rocky hills that are situated at a maximum height of 2,882 feet above sea level. The trail presents an entirely different view when it is traversed at night with the moonlight lighting up the path for the trekkers. The sights and sounds that emanate from the surroundings at night add to the thrill and excitement of this trek.

There is a majestic view of the surroundings once trekkers climb the top of the two hills. One of the best sight is early in the morning when trekkers climb to the top of the hill and see the fields of rice and sugarcane stretching into miles and also seeing several coconut trees. This is a sight which will linger in our heads for weeks. For people looking for natural beauty, this trek is much recommended.

One of the requirements of doing this trek is to be physically fit as it involves climbing over narrow gauged rocks, going under shrubs, holding onto granite rocks which form a big percentage of the trail and which becomes tricky during monsoons.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 122 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 2880 feet

Popular For : Night Trek, Nature, Lake

5 Exciting Treks Near Bangalore

  1. Skandagiri Night Trekking:

The possibility of doing both night and day trek and the beauty that this trail has makes Skandagiri trek one of the popular treks around Bangalore. It’s about 70 kms from the IT city. The day time trek gives really great views and the night trek gives you a chance to enjoy the starlit sky and chance of seeing a beautiful panoramic sunrise over the mountains.

Skandagiri Night Trekking

The trail of this trek is about 8 km long and you also get to climb over six concentric fortification walls. A Hindu math ‘Papagni Math’ is located at the point from where the trek starts.

In the night trek, the uphill climb is completed in the wee hours of the morning leaving trekkers some time to make a bonfire and take rest. The best part of the trek is to watch the sunrise in front of your eyes over this picturesque scene making all your tiredness get over. Most trekkers like the view so much that they undertake this trek at regular intervals to refresh their muscles.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 61 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 4430 feet

Popular For : Night Trek, Camping, Sunrise View


Skandagiri – A Perfect Weekend Getaway For Trekking Enthusiasts


  1. Anthargange Trek:

This one happens to be one of the most thrilling treks around Bangalore. The highlight of this trek are the series of caves carved into volcanic rocks in this range. There is a perennial spring emerging from a small crevice which gave this the name of Anthargange. It also means ‘Ganges from the depths’. There is a Kashi Vishwanath temple at the on the same hill where this spring is located and it is thronged by hundreds of people.

Day Outing at Anthargange Near Bangalore

It is one of the few places of trek in this region giving a person chance for hiking, trekking, cave exploration. There are thick trees at the bottom of the hills giving way to thorny bushes as trekkers reach up. The presence of many caves makes this a thrilling trek. Some of the caves are so small that trekkers literally have to crawl through them to reach the other side. During night, the surrounding mystery of the caves adds to the enchanted feeling of this trail.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 80 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Easy to Moderate

Average Elevation : 4050 feet

Popular For : Caves, Night Trek, Camping


  1. Acchalu Betta Night Trek :

This one is one of the lesser known trekking trails, which has helped in maintaining the pristine beauty of this destination. The trail from the base of the trek takes the participants to the top of a rock hill that is mostly covered in shrubs. The top of the hill also features a Muneshwara temple along with a decent sized statue of Nandi. The best aspect of Acchalu Betta Night trek, is undoubtedly the mesmerising view of the sunrise from the peak quite early in the morning.

Acchalu Betta Night Trek

The trekking trail is named after the small village in which the hilltop is located and which is situated at a distance of 75kms from Bangalore. As the number of people who go on this trek are less, the participants get a feel of complete seclusion in the wilderness as start their trek around midnight.

The trek takes around two hours to complete and at the end of the journey the trekkers have a choice to enjoy a campfire before going to sleep for a couple of hours.  In the wee hours of the morning, the trekkers get to soak in the beautiful sight of the sunrise and the pay their obedience at the Muneshwar temple.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 75 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Popular For : Night Trek, Muneshwar Temple, Sunrise View


  1. Kaurva Kunda Night Trek : An Adventure Meant Only For The Brave Hearted

Kaurva Kunda is a beautiful spot located at a distance 75 kms from Bangalore. The twin hill has derived its name from the mythological text of Mahabharata, and is a combined name for the Kauravas and Pandavas. As this trek is relatively lesser known, trekkers have the perfect combination of having peace as well as having something adventurous in the menu.


The Kaurva Kunda night trek is surely more challenging than the rest of the treks around Bangalore. The participants have to undertake a steep climb over the sandy steps to reach the twin peaks. The trail is extremely slippery which makes it risky. However, the promise of great views and the desire to push boundaries is something that drives adventure seekers to go for the Kaurva Kunda night trek. Trekkers having some trekking experience would be advised to go ahead for this one.

Trekkers seem to enjoy a visit to the hollowed abode of Lord Shiva that is present about midway to the peaks. The entire journey and the hardship of coming here is definitely rewarded when they see a view of their surroundings in the refreshing golden light of the morning sun.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 75 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 250 meters

Popular For : Night Trek, Nature’s sights, Sunrise View, Lustrous Greenery


  1. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek:

Trek to the Bilikal Rangaswamy hill is totally unique. This is because unlike the dry and rocky landscape of the other hills, the Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta trek enables the participants to enjoy the true feel of the forest. This is one of the easy treks to undertake.


Situated at a distance of around 80 kms from Bangalore, the trekking trail promises to provide the participants with a rejuvenating experience. One of the things that the trekkers do here when they come is to visit to the hollowed abode of Lord Shiva that’s there almost midway to the peaks.

Shortly after resting on the peaks for a little while the trekkers get to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings in the refreshing golden light of the morning sun. It is this very aspect that makes the trek so popular amongst people seeking an exciting getaway from the hectic schedule of their life.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 75 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 3780 feet

Popular for : Nature


  1. Shivgange Night TrekAn Effortless Yet Truly Magnificent Trek

Shivgange, which literally translates to Shiv’s Ganga, is also famous by the name of Dakshina Kashi and along with a trekking point it also becomes a place of religious significance among the local citizens.


Located at a distance of about 56 kms from Bangalore, near the quaint little village of Dobbspet, this destination is frequented by several people looking for an adventurous and relaxing getaway. Trekkers can take up Shivgange night trekking or the day trekking option. The activity which is completed within a single night, offers an easy difficulty level making the activity enjoyable for everyone.

The participants are required to trek up to the top of the Shivgange hill which takes on different mythological forms when viewed from different directions. This is easily the specialty of this trekking spot. The thrill of traversing over the rugged hilly terrain under the starlit sky with the magnificent night-time view of thousands of lights shimmering like stars in the surroundings is surely breathtaking.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 54 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 804.8 meters or 2640.3 feet

Popular For : Trekking, Rock Climbing, River Kumudvathi


  1. Makalidurga Night Trek

This is a short and a compact trek for people who are running short on time and want to experience some thrill. There is a small fort on the peak which is near the temple dedicated to goddess Makalidurga. This hill has a beautiful lake beside it. Trekking during the night is thrilling as there is a railway track which passes through the hill. Trekkers will get the feeling of ancient India.

Makalidurga Night Trek 34

Generally trekkers start the night trek around 1 am. This hill is known for having a lot of grass and plantations so trekkers are advised to wear good pair of shoes.

This place is better to be avoided in monsoon as the road becomes very slippery and there are chances of accidents while climbing the rock. Best time is to visit is post- monsoon.

After beginning the trail soon you come across two big rocks and a road that leads to the fort. The pleasure of rock climbing on these two big rocks will be thrilling and can give enough practice to those who wish to become better at it.

A lot of trekkers try and hear their echo at this spot. Soon trekkers come across a beautiful lake which is shaped like the map of South America. There is a fort nearby which was used by Empire of Vijaynagara to give training to their soldiers.  It was later captured by Shahji, father of Shivaji.

On the centre of the hill there is Lord Shiva Temple and local villagers go to pray occasionally. From the top, on the west, you will see the lake and to the east side you will see the beautiful sun rise. Once you see it, you will feel on top of the world and feel like coming here again.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 61 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 4430 feet

Popular For : Night Trek, Views


  1. Madhugiri Trek:

Madhugiri is small town located in Tumkur District and is at distance of 100 kms from Bangalore. Madhugiri Peak here is the Second largest monolith Rock of Asia after the Savandurga of Magadi Dist. The name Madhugiri in Kannada means Honey Hills (Madhu: Honey – Giri: Hill). The trek path of Madhugiri goes from moderate to difficult level due to steep steps on the way up.


One of the distinguishing points of this place is the Fort built and dedicated to Hyder Ali during the 16th and 17th century. The remnants of the fort are explored even today by trekkers. There are 3 gateways to enter the fort. The main specialties of the trek are the steps engraved in the huge rock on the path leading from the main gateway to the peak. This is beginning of the trek.

The fantastic view of the surrounding forest from the peak is one of the highlights as you view it from1250 metres. A certain amount of fitness is required to do the trek. The peak is around 3600 ft tall and in the beginning, it’s easy but gets difficult as they go ahead.

It surely takes energy to climb this area and as the trekkers go on, they can see the Madhugiri fort. Due to all the history surrounding it and special feature of a monolith rock with steps, this trek is a unique one.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 106 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Average Elevation : 3930 feet

Popular for : Fort, Views


  1. Muthurayana Betta Trek

This place is at a distance of 70 kms from Bangalore on Bangalore Kanakpur highway. It is one of the popular rock-climbing spots in Bangalore as this place is completely covered by boulders and rocky hills. For beginners it is ideal destination as they can engage in natural rock climbing followed by rappelling at this site.

The rock climbing site at this area is of 80 to 100 feet high where free climbing can be adopted with the help of climbing ropes and belay, descenders, carabineer and harness with safety helmets. To start off, first trekkers have to hike to reach the base of boulders to start rock climbing and once trekkers finish that, they can rappel downwards by moving towards the flat boulders. After finishing this, trekkers have a choice of water sport activities like Raft building, kayaking and Swimming and also a short walk around the lake.

Muthurayana 2

Also some of the popular places nearby to this spot is Turahalli and Bheemeshwari. Turahalli only 40kms from Bangalore is a reserve forest. This place is called Rock Climbers Hub having many boulders and Rock Formations.

Whereas Bheemeshwari is the ideal spot to go to incase you have some time on your hands as it is 100kms from Bangalore and has a riverside. Situated beside the Cauvery, this is surely a peaceful place.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 70 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Popular For : Trekking, Rock Climbing, Wildlife, Rappelling, natural walk, Lake


  1. Manchanabele Day Trip:

Manchanabele is a destination, which is renowned for offering great fun and adventure to the people visiting this quaint little place near Bangalore. Opting for Manchanbele day adventure proves to be the perfect choice for people seeking a break from their hectic city life.

Located at a distance of just about 40 kms from Bangalore, Manchanbele is a reservoir set amidst dense vegetation. It is a beautiful place. Trekkers enjoy a wide range of activities here ranging from trekking to rappelling and kayaking to various other water sports. The place is a great choice for organizing family get together or corporate events. This location has a lot to offer people who don’t have a knack for adventure activities. They will surely not be disappointed.


Most tour operators offering their services for a day long adventure at Manchanbele provide pick and drop services for the participants at select locations in Bangalore, thus a trip here becomes most convenient.

The advantage of this place is that all activities are available all year round. An important thing to remember here is that the place is generally quite crowded over the weekends and on holidays. Hence it is advisable for the participants to book their trip in advance to enable them to go there in peace.

Distance (From Bangalore City) : 40 Kms

Trek Difficulty Level : Moderate

Popular For : Night Trek, Backwaters, Hills, Rappelling and Kayaking


  1. Ravugodlu Night Trek:

This is one of the short and sweet night treks around Bangalore. It can fall under the easy grade. It is a short hike up the hill for a couple of hours and a lot of trekkers light a campfire when they reach the peak and take rest for sometime.

Shivagange Night Trek

Thereafter they start the climb downwards. In the morning, they enjoy the Go-karting activity available there to their hearts content before going back to the city and getting absorbed in its hustle bustle.

Simply choose one from any of these experiences and dive into a day of adventure.

Written by- Chaitra Yadavar.

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