Adventure Tours in Ramnagar and Kunti Betta

Relive Some Glorious Moments from Sholay with Adventure Tours in Ramnagar

Those who have seen the blockbuster Bollywood movie Sholay- and I am sure it includes almost every Indian- will distinctly remember the immortalized line spoken by one of the characters regarding the quietness of the place. If you are clambering up the jagged path near Ramanagaram with shrubbery flanking it on either side, you may want to repeat those lines! Lying not far from the edges of the road are the towering outcrops which no doubt formed the backdrop of this famous Indian movie that has spanned generations.

Kunti Beta and Ramanagaram Adventure Trek

However, fans are left pretty disappointed on their visits to Ramgarh since there is not much for them to soak up. The famous den of Gabbar, the old haveli belonging to Thakur, the temple, or the bridge that featured so prominently in the climax during the shootout- all of them are missing. It is only the huge rocks lying strewn around the hills that serve as reminder of the movie.

Rappelling in Ramnagar

While there were many plans in place to create a major tourism destination after Sholay ended up a runaway success, it is only biking and hiking clubs that have made a cool destination out of this place. Large number of people from the nearby towns of Mysore and Bangalore come here to relax and unwind. There are a number of tour packages that are popular in this region.

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Ramanagaram Day Trek

We take you on a trek of the hills around Ramnagar, popularly known as the Sholay Hills, in broad daylight. You can enjoy a number of activities such as archery, kayaking, trekking, and rappelling. For corporates, team building games and activities are also organized for this is something very much in demand from their end.

Ramagaram Day Trek

This day-trip for Ramanagar trek starts early in the morning from Bangalore and reaches the base camp at Ramanagara after a couple of hours. You can freshen up, have your breakfast and, after a brief warm up, set out on the trek. There are a number of fun activities for you to be involved in over the course of the day. In between you can gorge upon some sumptuous buffet lunch. Near the end of the trip you will be served tea and around five in the evening, the group will set back for Bangalore. You can expect to be back in the city by late evening.

This trek is one of the easier packages that we offer, and even if you don’t have any prior experience at trekking you can be a part of this group. It is thus little wonder that this is one of the most sought after Ramanagaram trek packages.

Ramanagara Night Trekking

Ramanagara night trekking offers a unique experience to the adventurers who get to live a night under the open sky and also get a feel of the nightlife around the place. A trek is conducted through the Ramgiri reserve forest and on towards moderately sloped peak of the surrounding hills. From there, you get a panoramic view of the city lit up against the night sky with the forest standing on the other side- this is a sight to behold! You will get to sleep on the peak after a bonfire is lit and a lot of enjoyment had around it. Enjoy the sunrise in the morning, have your breakfast, and be on your way back to the comforts of your home while the memories of your Ramanagara night trekking stay fresh in your mind.

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Ramanagara Night Trekking

Kunti Betta and Ramanagaram Adventure Trek

If you are nature lover and an avid tracker, this is one course you simply cannot say no to. Spread over two days and of a moderate exertion, the Kunti Betta and Ramanagaram adventure trek is just perfect for some weekend adventure. You can have lots of fun indulging in the numerous activities such as chimney climbing, rappelling, archery, or tree climbing.


If you wish to get a real adrenalin rush, kayaking would be a good option while you can also go for a swim in the Tonnur Lake. A bonfire is arranged on the night of your stay which only adds to the enjoyment factor.

Tired and overworked in the office? Get outdoors and indulge in some fun and relaxation. Come to Ramanagaram and be a part of this historic setting in a land whose name will stay on the lips of every Indian for many generations to come!
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