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Adventure Trekking Around Bangalore – A Great Option For People Seeking Some Thrill And Fun

Bangalore is primarily known as the home of IT industry as well as a prominent education centre in India. In addition, the city is also famous for its rich historical and natural heritage that attracts countless visitors each year. However, over the past decade, the city has also earned much fame as the hub of great fun and adventure, thanks to the various activities that visitors can enjoy here. Of these various activities, trekking in Bangalore is undoubtedly the most common and preferred option as it provides the participants with a unique opportunity to connect with nature. While there are countless destination in the region where adventure enthusiasts can enjoy this activity, discussed below are the 8 most popular places to enjoy trekking near Bangalore that promise a completely awesome experience.

  1. Manchanabele Dam Trip Near Bangalore

The small water reservoir of Manchanabele, build on the banks of the Lake of same name has emerged as a popular destination for people seeking fun and adventure. Set amidst dense vegetation and having the Manchinbele dam as its backdrop, the destination offers a refreshing getaway from the noise, pollution and hustle and bustle of the city. The destination is eaully popular amongst adventure seekers and nature lovers, making it a perfect place for a memorable group outing. In fact, it is one of the few destinations around Bangalore that is frequented by people of all age groups and backgrounds.

Manchanabele Camping

One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of Manchinbele is its close location to Bangalore City. In fact the destination is only 40 kms away from Bangalore and this makes it an ideal place to enjoy a day outing over the weekend. Moreover, the participants coming here can enjoy trekking during both day and night time, which further enhances the thrill of this popular adventure activity. The ease of trekking means that it can be enjoyed equally by both experts and novices. Apart from trekking, the visitors can also enjoy activities like camping, kayaking, rappelling and even swimming.

Whether the participants opt for a day or a night trek in Manchinbele, they can be sure of having a great time full of fun and excitement. The destination is open for visitors all year around, which means that they can plan their adventure trip as per their comfort and convenience. The scenic views and the soothing environment have a deep impact on the visitors and they feel a sense of peace and oneness with their mesmerizing surroundings.

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  1. Kunti Betta Night Trek With Water Activities

Kunti Betta is one of the most popular trekking destinations located near Bangalore, even though it is situated more than 120 kms away from the IT cityl hillock. The mesmerizingly beautiful hillock has been named after one of the most revered characters of Indian mythology, namely Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. Apart from the fun of day trekking, participants can also enjoy the awesome experience of Kunti Betta night trek which enables them to gain a completely different outlook of the region and its beauty.

One of the major attractions of this destination is the Tonnuru Lake located at its foothills. The participants of a night trekking expedition are often left mesmerized by the view of the beautiful night sky reflected in its crystal clear waters. Moreover, the lush green beauty that surrounds the trekking trail, takes on a completely mysterious appeal at night which further enhances the thrill of trekking. The moderately difficult trekking route ends at the top of the hillock, where the participants get the ultimate reward of enjoying a majestic view of the surroundings. The joy of watching the sun rise in the east at dawn proves to be an additional bonus for the participants.

kunti betta night trek

Apart from individual adventure seekers, the number of people opting for corporate group outing at Kunti Betta, has also been on the rise. This is because the destination not only offers the visitors with an opportunity to enjoy trekking in a unique manner, but also enables them to take part in various water activities. The calm and refreshing waters of Lake Tonnuru are just perfect to enjoy activities like kayaking, rappelling and swimming. The lush green surroundings and the physical activity leave the participants totally refreshed and re-energized.

  1. Skandagiri Night Trekking

The picturesque surroundings of Skandagiri along with its easy trekking trail make it one of the most popular trekking destinations near Bangalore. Covered in dense forests, the destination is a treasure trove of great natural beauty which attracts countless visitors to the place. The calm and peaceful environment of the region ensures a perfectly relaxing and refreshing trip for the participants, who come here from far and wide to get away from the stress and pollution of their city life. The best aspect about the destination is that participants can enjoy the Skandagiri trekking both during daytime as well as at night.

sunrise Skandagiri trek

The fact that Skandagiri is located only at a distance of 60 kms from Banglore, has also led to its immense popularity as a great weekend getaway destination. Apart from its amazing natural beauty, the visitors to the place are also attracted by an ancient fort located at the top of the peak. Although this fort, which was captured by Tipu Sultan at one time, it is today in an extremely dilapidated condition. Despite that a glimpse of the fort gives the participants a clear idea of the grandeur that it once enjoyed and helps them understand the rich history of the region.

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The Skandagiri trek proves to be an extremely enthralling experience for most participants. The amazing views of the magnificent vistas spread at the around the foothills that the participants get to enjoy from the peak make the challenges of night trekking truly worthwhile. In addition, the astounding sight of the sun spreading its beauty and glitter over the calm and peaceful surroundings upon the arrival of dawn proves to be quite rewarding as well as refreshing for the trekkers. It seems to seep away the tiredness of the trek and makes them feel alive and full of happiness.

  1. Anthargange Night Trekking

The Shathashrunga mountain range of which Anthargange forms a part, is located only at a distance of 70 kms from Bangalore, in the Kolar district and a well known trekking destination for adventure enthusiasts. The place is renowned for its exquisite natural beauty and its unique landscape which comprises primarily of diverse cave systems and volcanic rock formations. The destination also holds great religious reverence as it is home to various temples, the most important of which is an ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple. This makes Anthargange trek and caving expedition a truly memorable and delightful experience.

Enjoy An Exciting and Enthralling Night Trek Near Bangalore

Day Outing at Anthargange

The trekking trail requires the participants to traverse through a complex maze of huge cracks, boulders, rocks and narrow holes. At the same time they get an opportunity to explore the various cave systems and tunnels that add to the thrill and excitement of this expedition. As the trekkers overcome the various challenges of this moderately difficult trek, they become aware of their own skills and strengths which might have remained dormant for a long time. The picturesque sights that surround the participants at every turn and twist in the trekking trail further inspire the participants to move on.

The Anthargange night trekking is as exciting and enthralling as the day trip. Not many people are aware of the fact that night trekking in the region was prohibited until quite recently. But now the participants can enjoy the breathtaking experience of exploring the amazing aspects of this destination even at night tie, when the entire region takes on an entirely unique look. The panoramic view of the surroundings that greats them as the sun rises in the east, proves to be reward enough for the efforts the trekkers make in reaching the peak.

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  1. Ramamanagra Day Trek

Ramanagara is another popular adventure destination located only a short distance away from Bangalore City. Considered to be the birthplace of rock climbing, the destination is quite popular to enjoy diverse adventure activities. In view of this fact, it is not really surprising that the concept of organizing Ramanagara adventure corporate outing near Bangalore is becoming quite popular within business organizations operating in the region. Another major aspect that adds to the appeal of this destination is that it is the location where a major part of the super hit Bollywood movie, Sholay was shot.

Ramanagara boasts of a truly unique landscape which mainly comprises of rugged rocky terrain with minimal vegetation. The entire area is dotted with numerous hills each of which seems to be shaped like the face of a prominent Hindu god or goddess. In addition, the area is also known to be a bird lovers’ paradise as it is home to several species of aviators, especially the Indian and Egyptian vultures. The presence of these aviators in huge numbers has led the area to be declared as a wildlife sanctuary for the conservation of Asian vultures.

Ramanagara Hills

The Ramanagara trek can be enjoyed both during the day and night times, with each options providing an exclusive experience to the participants. In addition to trekking, people coming here can also enjoy other activities such as rock climbing and camping, which help them to connect with raw nature and get a feeling of having been mentally and spiritually refreshed and relaxed. The proximity of the destination to Bangalore makes Ramanagara a perfect destination to enjoy a fun filled and enthralling getaway over the weekend. Whether they intend to visit the place with family, friends or even on their own, the trip will surely provide them great satisfaction and fulfilment.

  1. Nature Adventure Camp In Kanakpura With Water Sports

Located amidst the naturally beautiful settings of Banantimari State Forest, at a distance of just 50 kms from Bangalore, the nature adventure camp of Kanakpura is a preferred choice for people seeking an option to relax their body and mind. Situated near the banks of Lake Hosadoddi, the adventure camp is renowned for its magnificent landscape which is further enhanced by the backdrop of gorgeous mountains that surround the area. Given its various features, it is not surprising that people come here in large numbers to enjoy a wide range of adventure activities and water sports.

Kanakapura Camp

Opting for the nature adventure camp in Kanakapura roves to be a complete adventure and entertainment package in itself. That is why it is a popular choice for corporate team outings, overnight camping adventure with family and friends and even a fun filled picnic outing for school and college kids. The various activities provide the participants with an opportunity to spend some quality time with the people who matter the most in their personal or professional lives and even forge new friendships or strengthen old ones.

The calm and soothing environment of the Kanakpura nature adventure camp also helps the participants to get rid of their worries and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of nature. Some of the activities that they can take part in while attending the camp include trekking, kayaking, canoeing, zip lining, bouldering and rapelling. Even through the trip is only one day long, people can opt for an overnight camping option where they also get to enjoy the fun of bonfire. The overall experience proves to extremely energizing and rewarding, especially as the participants come back full of happy memories.

  1. Lifetrees Adventure Camps Nandi Hills

Nandi Hill, which is named so because it is shaped like a small bull, is a popular trekking and camping destination located no more than 60 kms away from Bangalore. The destination is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty as well as it pleasant climate, which further enhances the fun of trekking in the region. The hill itself is considered to be the point of origin of various rivers. It is for these reasons that the hill has gained much religious reverence, besides being a prominent tourist and adventure destination. The trip is as majestic as it is mesmerizing and ensures great thrill and satisfaction.

Lifetrees Adventure Camps Nandi Hills

Spending a day and a night enjoying Nandi Hills camping is a truly awe-inspiring experience. The calm and soothing environment of the region combined with a unique blend of flora and fauna set amidst lush green acreage, help to make the participants feel relaxed and refreshed. Every moment of the adventure activity seems to fill them with a feeling of peace and joy that they generally crave for in their everyday life in the city. As they spend some time far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they understand the significance of nature and it various treasures.

The camping trip at Nandi Hills comprises of a wide range of activities that have been designed to help the participants de-stress themselves. From the thrill of completing the Burma Bridge activity to learning the act of balancing during a log walk, horizontal ladder and ebee-zeebee, every activity leaves the participants completely refreshed in both body and mind. Just being a part of nature at this magical place proves to be a thrilling experience in itself and one that motivates the participants to undertake this trip repeatedly. It is just the perfect option for a great weekend getaway with both family and friends or for a corporate outing or even to be enjoyed solo in the company of nature’s most beautiful treasures.

  1. Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga has earned much fame as the highest monolithic rock in Asia and this is also one of the major reasons behind its growing popularity amongst trekking enthusiasts. The mere thought of climbing to the top of this monolith is inspiring enough to draw adventure seekers from far and wide to this small hamlet located at a distance of only 65 kms from Bangalore. Comprising of the twin hills of Billigudda and Karigudda , the granite rock slope of this monolith presents a real challenge to the trekkers, especially if they have no prior experience of climbing over such terrain.

Savandurga Fort trekking

The Savandurga trek offers the participants with a unique opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature at close quarters. The entire trek features picturesque sights that leave a deep impact on the participants and make them feel like having returned to the soothing and calm lap of Mother Nature. However, nothing prepares the participants to the exclusive experience of enjoying the panoramic view of the surroundings that they get to see upon reaching the top of the monolith. With the sea of lush green landscape spread far up to the horizon, the sight is not one that the participants can easily forget.

Like most other treks around Bangalore, Savandurga trek can also be completed during the day or the participants can opt for an overnight adventure. In both cases the trekkers can be sure to have a truly enthralling experience of exploring the amazing beauty of nature and the majesty of the sun setting or rising over the horizon. In fact, most people feel that undertaking the trek is one of the best ways to spend the weekend in a exciting and enriching manner.
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