Eight Adventure Activities To Beat The Cruel Heat Of Mumbai

With the onset of Summer, the temperature is set to start soaring to varying degrees of unpleasantness in Mumbai. Combined with the humidity, the concrete jungle like structure and the traffic snarls, offers little respite if any, from the grueling heat and hum-drum.

The varied adventure activities in and along the outskirts of this fine city are one of the best suggested cures. We’ve compiled below a list of some of the best options to aid you in this cause, so have a gander.

1) Para-gliding

Do birds ever make you feel slightly jealous? Ever wondered what it must be like to be able to take flight and to soar freely amongst the clouds and the deep blue sky? To feel liberated by cruising through an infinite expanse, unhindered and unburdened?


Para-gliding will let you fulfill all those fantasies. Head on down to the region of Kamshet, Lonavala or Virar, as there are many institutes and ventures in these regions which provide lessons and the opportunity for Para-gliding.

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2) Rappelling

High mountains / valleys, breathtaking views, a thrilling descent from its steep edges, Rappelling, is just the right adrenaline fix for all you thrill seekers.


There are numerous Rappelling sites around Kasara, Karjat, Panvel, Raigad& Lonavala. The Duke’s Nose, at Lonavla, is one of the most prominent sites offering a breathtaking view of the entire valley below while you climb your way down it.

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3) River Rafting /White Water Rafting

Paddling through a clear water body like a lake is a good way to cool off during the summer. But where’s the thrill in that?

rafting in kolad

Don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect combination of both these factors- Rafting!  Feel the adrenaline rise and coursing through your body, as you paddle through the turbulent torrents and the roaring river while getting splashed and soaked by the waves of the on-coming stream and covered in your own sweat! Head on down to the Kundalika River along the village of Kolad, for this unforgettable Experience.

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4) Kayaking

Mumbai being an Island City, we have access to an abundance of beaches. And with beaches come a tonne of options for rousing water sports! One of the prominent ones being Kayaking!


It involves exploring the majestic and vast sea using a small narrow boat and double bladed paddles, paddling your way into serenity and taking in the scenic and breathtaking sights of this majestic city and its beautiful and mesmerizing beaches and shores. Popular sites include Chowpatty, Mandwa (we plead you for no Agneepath references here) and Pawna Lake.

5) Nature Trails & Night Treks

If you ever want to go through the realization that life is about much more than existing,  from one day to the next, trekking through the varied nature trails are amongst the best ways to get you there. It is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the city, with trails to rival many foreign countries. There is no feeling like finishing a trek to the peak and staring down into the vast openness.

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And how mystical it is, trekking through the deep nature trails at night under the starry sky and moonlight! Mumbai has a ton of such options like Ratnagad, Mount Kalsubhai, Andharban, etc., but if you don’t wish to travel that far, then the fantastic nature trail at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is also quite prominent and popular.

6) Camping & Bird Watching

Take a break from the daily rush and the fast paced  life of the city of dreams, by sliding to the side and going on a camping treat to some of the most visually flawless camping spots organized around the city.


Add to that a bonus of catching glimpses of the some of the most exotic and majestic birds in nature and the trip seems too good to be true. A treat for adventure junkies, bird watchers and nature lovers, the picturesque camping sites at Kolhad, Karnala, Vasind, Lonavla, Bhandup Pumping  Station, Uran, etc. are a dream come true for sure.

7) Sailing

Head to the Gateway of India and push off on a leisurely and luxurious water tour around Mumbai over the magical Arabian Sea in a keel boat / yacht, which will make you feel like your  tensions and worries never existed.


The sight of the vast, never ending expanse of the sea and the view of  the endless horizons will make you heave a sigh of relief and relaxation. (dil-chahta-hai any one?!)  It is a calming and tranquil experience like no other. For additional cost, you can learn sailing there too, taught by the trained and knowledgeable staff  there or the various sailing clubs scattered throughout Mumbai. It’s the perfect stress buster!

8) Cycling

Get ready to experience Mumbai and certain areas around it like never before.


In the wee hours of the morning, as the sun in rising, when the rest of the population is waking up, be ready to reap the benefits of empty roads and the cool breeze to explore the area via Cycling. With numerous tours set up in varied regions affording  us the opportunity for it, some of the most well known being South Mumbai, Madh island, Colaba, Aarey colony and Alibaug.

Also, an organization called Bat travels offer a host of adventure and travel experiences from the above for the visually impaired by creating a sensorial experience. They firmly believe travelling and adventure is more than just Sightseeing and we agree.

Written by Amish Maru. Edited by Gunjan Shah.

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